Saturday, April 19, 2008


Haiku poetry originated in Japan. It has a strict format that includes:

1. Three lines with 17 syllables in the pattern of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables
2. Only one topic
3. Traditionally about nature and/or seasons
4. Does not rhyme
5. Written in present tense
6. Stirs the imagination

Sunshine by J. McGuire

Breaking through treetops
filtering golden beauty
bringing in the day

Spring By Alina S.
Spring is here today
Daffodils and crocuses
Blooming everywhere

When it Rains by Josh P.

Clouds roaring with fierce
Lightening attacks with anger
Peaceful when rain stops

Spring Flowers by Connor H.

They are violet blue
they are purple and yellow
they are spring flowers

Mushrooms by Sean C.

walking through the woods
see those mushrooms, see them.
go and pick them please

Wildfire by Shelby C.

Bright like a wild fire
suddenly stepping forward,
out of plane nothing.

Jumping Flowers by Justin H.

Flowers jumping up
out of the rich dark brown soil
their bright pedals glow

Hot, Nice Day by Dimitri H.

Walking outside, oooh
look at the big sunflower
what a hot nice day

Morels by Mrs. Bower
Hunting for mushrooms
Delicacies hiding low
cool, damp, sunny day.

Carpenter Bees by Mrs. Bower

Angry, droning pests
Aggressively drilling holes
wood chewing insect.

An Arch of Color by Jennie B.

Rainbows have colors
Pot O' Gold at the bottom
An arch of color

Walking in the Woods by Brittany M.

Walking in the woods
alone looking for a waterfall
it's close when it's cool.

Dancing Rain by Haley E.
Rain dancing outside
Around and around it goes
Going on forever

Wolves by Kari W.
Mistaken creatures
Wandering through the forest
Gentle animals.

Grass by Amanda K.

long, soft cut, pokey
green, soft, rough, up in the air
falling all over

Clouds by Dillon Y.
Clouds, drifting like ghost
in the sky so high above
Fly by day and night.

Birds by Brianna G.

birds fly in the air
cardinals and red tailed hawks
what beautiful birds.

Trees of the Forest by Jacob T.

The trees of the damp
forest move swiftly by my
eyes with great beauty.


Anonymous said...

Great job every one.This is really good.

Anonymous said...

Good haiku's guys and girls but mostly guys just kidding. I could not think when I made mine. There pretty tough I'm glad I pulled through!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone did a good job on the haikus!

Anonymous said...

If you liked my poem wild fire than read these 2 poems.


rain will fall on me
although wet I play today
when will rainfall come


she was always there
has she been noticed at all
she been forgotten

I think that every person can do a Haiku poem. They are really really easy. The only thing is you have to try,

Anonymous said...

I like all the haiku poems. You guys did a great job. I thought they were easy except that i kept using the same word over and over again.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was fun because it was a challenge to write a Haiku. It was hard because you had to write Haiku and follow
all the rules.

Anonymous said...

The Haiku today were nice but I couldn't make one because I felt like was going to throw up.

Anonymous said...

Great job everybody. I think it is neat to see these great haiku poems. It was a fun challenge to write haiku.

Anonymous said...

I didn't miss school on Saturday because I was a slacker and just didn't want to go to school on a Saturday. I went to school the first time we had Saturday school. I was sick AGAIN on Saturday. xP

Anonymous said...

I like to write hiatus and poems can we do that more often after the big test?!=D

Anonymous said...

I didn't no what i was doing at first but now i think im getting batter at the Haiku

Anonymous said...

Wow there are some really good ones in there. Ha ha good thing I didn't have to do it! =D Anyway some of those doesn't even seem like the people I no like Dimitri I liked yours In all but it just doesn't seem like you wrote it I'm not saying you stole it out of a poem book cause you didn't well lets hope not.
Also like conner yours doesn't seem like you wrote it but still i liked SOME of them. My favorite of all not to say that the rest are bad cause there not but I would have to say Josh p. and his poem WHEN IT RAINS congrats Josh I really liked it alot! pEACe OuT !

Anonymous said...

I though that righting this would be easy but I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Mr.McGuire I got a haiku.

Spring begins shyly
with a few bladesof green grass
growing in a feild