Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Relay for Life

Relay for LifeThe Sixth Grade class at Laurelville Elementary is moving forward with our plan for a Relay for Life. The purpose of a Relay is to raise money to help in the fight against cancer. The tentative date is set for June 3 @ 2:00. Hopefully the entire student body, parents, grandparents, and friends will join us as we walk through Laurelville and around the school grounds.

VanCuren's Graphics will be offering T-shirts for sale. Each shirt will be $10.00. For each shirt sold, they will donate $5.00 to the cause. These will be gray shirts with a Laurelville Elementary/Relay logo. The T-shirt sale will be May 5 - 9. Shirts will be delivered on June 2 so we can wear them at the Relay.

The Laurelville PTO is going to work with the sixth grade as we organize this event. They will be contacting area businesses and individuals to help with the Relay.

Lisa Deluse is helping to organize the parents and volunteers. If you are willing to help in any way, please email her at

You can find out more about the Relay for life in a previous post.


Dillon y said...

I think relay for life would be great. My mom always goes to the walk for life, which I think is directed by Relay For Life. If not they both have the same purpose, to help cancer. It would be heartbreaking to find out a family member had cancer and you couldn't do anything about it. So, let's find out what we can do to cure it.

Now that I think about it I could have cancer some day, so let's find a cure.

Caleb F said...

I think that is really nice of our school to take the time and money to help the ill people.

I would love to help in our rely.
Just think how people will look at us say hey these kids are nice enogh to take there time to help us I think it is a great idea.

collin said...

I know that I am better than a seven grader Because I passed.

Dillon y said...

Yes, CALEB!!

haley e. said...

I think Relay for Life is a great idea especially if you have lost someone to cancer or anything like that.And Relay for Life is a great way to raise money to help people survive cancer.When you do these certain kind of things it makes you feel good to know that you are helping people survive and that it is for a great cause!I hope everyone participates with Relay for Life walk!I would also like to participate in the Relay for Life.

I also agree with Caleb!!

Caleb F said...

Thank you for the agree Haley I have had my great grandmal effected by cancer so this is a big deal to me.

haley e. said...

Same here Caleb.My great grandma was affected by cancer too and from seeing what she went through I want to help the people with cancer find a cure and survive!

katie w said...

I agree with Haley and Caleb. My grandma died from cancer. My dad also had cancer and he survived. So this is a big deal for me too!

caleb f said...

Those people need help they need someone to help care for them if I was in the hospital I would want to have someone get me something anything even a flower. it shows that we care and that is what Laureville school is doing there showing that you are not alone we are here for you.I will try to donate I hope to help those people with cancer.