Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Stop the Bus, I Want to Go to School!

I saw the flashing lights ahead, and eased to a stop. The bus stopped but no one was there. Then it took off. As I passed by, I looked over and saw a student chasing after it, waving her hands wildly.

I traveled on down the road towards my school and watched in my rear-view mirror as the bus was chased out of sight by a student who wanted to go to school.

As we return to school, after a five day break for Thanksgiving, I thought, "what a sight." I felt sorry for the student, and I was sure glad to see how badly she wanted to get on the bus and get back to school. Any kid that tried that hard to get on the bus after a break is bound to be a hard worker.


Anonymous said...

I think that someone who tried to get on the bus that bad, MUST be a hard worker. If I mist the bus, I would probably try to get on at my cousin's house. I would not like to miss school either. I think, but on the other hand, I probably wouldn't want to come back after a break. I think school is awesome this year.

Anonymous said...

This must be a shock but even I don't want to go to school that bad. I must get that from my mom because she is just now going to college. Like Sam said that girl has to a hard worker. Maybe she just left something on the bus though.

Anonymous said...

I think that if it happened to me that I would try to catch the bus too. If I could not I would have my dad take me to school. I do not like to miss school because I have a lot of work when I come back.

Mr. McGuire said...

Good point Heather--missing school just means more work when you get back!