Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who Wants to Know about The Reading Workshop

Of the last 500 visitors:

They came from 35 states.
They came from 16 countries.
Sixteen visitors were from Texas.
Thirteen were from California
Twelve were from New York.
'Ten were from Florida.
Sixty five visits was the most by any one person.
Fifty nine was the second most times visited.
Two Hundred Sixty Nine started out on The Reading Workshop home page.
Twenty-two had questions about how to do Reading Workshop.
Sixteen had questions about Study Island.
Seven queried good books for student readers
Six wondered about the book Freak the Mighty.
Fifteen had question about listening to music as you work.
Twelve wanted information about the affect of texting on students' writing.
Thirteen visited for longer than an hour.
Thirty six wanted to know about Rambunctious Reading.
Ninety two percent that used a search engine, used Google.
Sixty seven percent are first time visitors.
One Hundred Eighty are using the newest version of Firefox.
Seventeen came from the latest Carnival of Education which list Educational blogs
Seventeen came from the Laurelville Elementary website.
Twelve came from Alltop which lists education news and headlines from across the web.
Three came from Joann Jacobs educational blog highlights and links.

So if you're like me and find yourself wondering, who cares about The Reading Workshop at Laurelville, the answer is a lot of people, from a lot of places, for a lot of different reasons. For all that take the time to visit the blog, thank you!.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Mr.McGuire I can't believe that you had people from 16 different countries and 35 different states. Oh and sorry I've not been posting on the blog.

Mr. McGuire said...

And to think that it all started with you and your class. Thanks for stopping by to check on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many people visit the blog 35 different states 16 different countries. I had no idea how big it has become. I think it will only continue to grow because I had more fun this year than any other and the Workshop is why.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how many people see the blog. Its....unbelievable, its wow. I think thats awesome. Now I know why you want our writing to be the best it can be.