Thursday, December 18, 2008

What a 6th Grader Reads During Break

Collin came up to me and said he needed a book to read over break. I started to recommend a book, but then I caught myself. Collin reads a book every day to two. Hhhhhmmmm, what's a teacher to do?

I have been reading Gordan Korman's Chasing the Falconers from the On the Run series aloud to his class. I am almost finished with the first book. I started grabbing books off of the shelf. He left the room carrying all six books in the series.

I looked up and Christian was watching us. He came up and said, "Mr. McGuire, can you recommend a book for the break?" In just a second, Christian headed back to his seat with the On the Run series in tow. He already had a Tucket book by Paulsen, but he is almost finished with that series.

While all this was going on, Rachael headed out to the book room. As she packed up to leave class, I checked out the stack of books she had picked up. She was all set with books from Joan Lowery Nixon.

Kyndrah, Bree, Peyton, Kara, and a couple of others are into the latest vampire craze and are reading the Twilight series.

Kayla and Jolene are the latest checking out the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I have Book 3, The Last Straw ordered and will get it when it is released on January 13.

All of these are great choices! BUT, the most important thing--just read! What are you going to read over the holiday break?

Special thanks to Mrs. Bower for the reminder to load up on books before break!


Shelby Conners said...

I am going to read alot thisholiday

secrate friend student said...

Mr.McGuire you rock!!!

other secret friend student said...

Hi I hope everyone reads a lot during Christmas break. I agree with secret friend student.

bailey m. said...

Mr. McGuire I am going to read a lot over the holidays. I need to get my reading grade up. I also want to finish all of the on the run books.

Kara M said...

Mr. McGuire I'm going to finish New Moon and get the 3rd book in the series, and I'm am going to read a lot and hopefully bring my grade up to an A. Happy Holiday!

Jessika W. said...

Mr. McGuire,
I want to read all of the On The Run series and I want to read the outsiders over the holidays hope I can do it well see you when I get back.

brianna h. said...

I'm going to read Bloomability by Sharon Creech. I also got a book from the library called I think The Best Christmas. I also have a lot of books at home.

Cyranda H. said...

I hope people read some books over break. I am reading the book called Glory. I think it is a good book so far.

Mr. McGuire said...


I agree, I hope students read some good books over break. It sounds like you, Brianna, Jess, Kara, and Bailey all have good books to read.

Happy Holidays!

Sam.R said...

Mr.McGuire I read alot over break. I read a book and a half. I had fun reading over break. Ihope ever one else did to.

Mr. McGuire said...


I am glad that you have really enjoyed reading this year! Thanks for commenting.