Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Twilight, For Only the Right Audience

With all of the buzz surrounding Twilight, I decided to see what the vampires did for me. Students were going crazy for the books about the cold ones, and now that the movie is out, they are obsessed.

This series of books, written by Stephanie Meyer tells the story of Bella Swan, the main character, who moved to Forks, Washington. She did not want to be here. She's not fond of her father and missed her mother. She was miserable.

Magically, her life was saved by Edward. She found out he is a vampire and immediately they're in love. And it all happens in the first few chapters. Meyer then spends the next 400 pages telling how handsome Edward is and how much Bella is in love. Finally in the last 100 pages, there is some excitement and action.

With each book (I almost made it through the first three) in the four book series there seems to be an abundance of fluff with too much repetitiveness.

However, I must admit, even though this series wasn't a good choice for me, the affect it has had on occasional readers is amazing. Students that couldn't hardly fake read themselves through a 100 page book, are spending countless hours engrossed in this series of books. If nothing else, Meyer's ability to reach her audience is note-worthy.

If you are a graying, male teacher with an appreciation for complex stories, this may not be a good choice. BUT, if you are a teenage girl, looking for a great romance book, dive in to Twilight and enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. McGuire,

I saved up my credits from audible for 2 months so that I could get the Twilight download this month for my Ipod so I am looking forward to see what all of the hullabaloo is about. I do have a print copy of the book, but I made the mistake of putting it in my class library, before I had a chance to read it first. Therefore, it is always being read!! I'll let you know what I think after I listen to it.

Congrats on being #27 on the top edublogs list! I've included the link just in case you didn't see it.


Happy New Year!
Head Monkey

Mr. McGuire said...

Head Monkey,

Thank you for the comment and the link! I hadn't seen it.

As much as I am not a fan of romance novels, I have to admit, this was the fastest I ever read 500 pages. The style of the writing definitely keeps the reader turning pages. I am interested to see your opinion, once you have read it.

Anonymous said...


I see the freaks at Freakonomics have joined the craze as well.



Head Monkey

Anonymous said...

I really want to read Twilight. I've been told that it is a really good book. I believe that it is a good book to some other things that I know about the book is that it is about vampire's and romance and I really like those kind of books.The reason why I like those kind of books is because they are really entertaining to me. Also they are really good books.

I actually want to read the whole series. I could tell you some of the things with out reading the book probably. I really do hope that I like the series because everybody is saying that is it a really good book. My step sister Brianna is reading it and she says that it is a good book. I hope that is really interesting to.

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting to read the book Twilight.I hear everybody is raving over it. Every one has told me about it and I have heard so much I practically could tell you what it is about with out reading it. What I have heard so far which is a lot it is vary interesting. I am hoping to read the whole series. I think the book is going to be as good as every one says it is. I cant wait to read the book I hope its good.

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to read twilight ever since I herd the reviews. My mom has the same felling as I do. So when my sister came home and had me and my mom look through it I looked at the advanced readers page, saw twilight and I was hopping up and down going mom can you get this book for me? Luckily she read the little note that talks about the book and feel in love with it too. As soon as my sister comes home with it I know I'm going to drop every thing just to start it. For some reason I just know that if I start reading Twilight I will fall in love with them. I can't wait to get them!!

Anonymous said...

Twilight sounds like a good book. I think I could read it. I really get into stuff like that almost everybody has seen the movie hopefully the movie is as good as the book because if I watch the movie I would want the book the same so I will understand it and get the point. I hope if I get the book I will get to watch the movie as soon as I go back to town the next day. I get Twilight posters in the mail so on them it looks like a good movie. When I get posers of them I hang it up on my wall so I can look at it all the time.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Mr.McGuire but I would have to totally disagree with you about this one. I know that you think its just a gush up romance but its not. Of course when I started this book I thought I would hate it and quit but then it got so interesting I couldn't stop myself! I mean the way Stephanie Meyer describes Edward through Bella's point of view.... I wanted to jump in the book and be Bella, to see like Bella, I just can't under stand why you don't like these books. Take from everybody who has read the series you'll love it. But if you don't that's your own opinion.

Mr. McGuire said...


You make a good point. If you can see yourself in the book, as Bella, then I can understand why you like it. For some reason, I just can't imagine myself as Bella.:)

Anonymous said...

I think I know why you can't see your self as Bella. That might be because your a boy not a girl. I have not read those books but I am thinking about reading them
over summer break because I was told that I would like them.

Mr. McGuire said...


I'll bet you would enjoy Twilight. Being a boy might be a problem in thinking like Bella. :)

Anonymous said...

I think that Twilight is the best book I have ever read.