Thursday, January 15, 2009

Who Needs Recess

Instead of hanging around for the 20 minute recess after lunch, the sixth graders at Laurelville have decided to get fit. Students have volunteered to give up their recess in an effort to get in shape. They are walking and/or jogging every day for twenty minutes after lunch.

What started as an idea to just give the opportunity to walk to students that were bored during recess has evolved into one of the high points of the day. Some students jog, seeing how many laps they can make around the gym. Others get with a partner or group and talk as they walk.

The biggest benefit seems to be in the classroom afterwards. Students are more attentive and mentally alert, while being more relaxed and restive in their seats. Their output in the first hour after walking has noticeably improved.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that fewer than one-quarter of children engage in daily vigorous activity. In this class lately, 100% of the students are getting busy each day. Taking turns carrying the pedometer, students are charting the miles. So far, they are averaging about 1.3 miles/day.

According to WebMD:
1. Exercise Boosts Brainpower
2. Movement Melts Away Stress
3. Exercise Gives You Energy
4. Fitness Can Help Build Relationships
5. Exercise Helps Ward Off Disease
6. Fitness Pumps Up Your Heart
7. Exercise Lets You Eat More
8. Exercise Boosts Performance

This sixth grade class is going to see the benefits of exercise, if they keep up the pace each day during recess.

Great job to the McGuire's Milers!



Priest said...

This simply goes to the natural state of Human Beings, namely, we truly are a holistic creature. As repeatedly noted in recorded history, "A sound Mind and a sound Body."

The "talk as you walk" and running around the track activities are good, however, 5 - 10 minutes of kettlebelll swings followed by 10 to 15 minutes of either walking or running would provide a "whole body" work-out. The subsequent endorphin “rush” and attending clam would play well in the classroom.

Anonymous said...

I do not think we need recess.We are to old for resses,at recss most kids just pick on other kids. I like the jogging thing we do. Most kids do not get that much exercise so it is good for them. I also think the chart cafteria encourages kids to walk.

Priest said...

Jogging or Power Walking are all good start points, Peyton. In order to create total physical fitness you need exercises that use large muscles at the same time. Dead Lifts, Kettlebells, Burpees, etc., all help you achieve excellent overall fitness.

It doesn't have to be some death march routine either. Get in 15 - 20 minutes of continuous heavy exercise 3 - 5 times per week and you will make great improvements.

"Too old for recess" are you? Dude, that's hysterically funny. I'm well over 50 years and very few guys in their 20s can hang with me. No one is ever too old for recess, get into it!!

Anonymous said...

Doing the walk is so much better than ressecc because it gives most everyoone something to do for 20min.

Priest said...

Okay, christians, if you are into walking then go to this video clip and learn to properly Power Walk. Power Walking ROCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think it is wonderful that the school is letting the kids walk in the gym. Walking is a great way to get your body and mind woke up after a few hours in class. I think it is true, not enough kids get "exercise". Walking and talking is a positive way to interact with your peers. You are moveing in the right direction, walk on kids!

Anonymous said...

With out recess school would be so boring I mean who would want to sit in the classroom all day long. The walking Idea is a good idea because next year we will have no recess.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Peyton because next year we are not going to have recess anyway. but if we had no recess it would be very boring.