Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting in the Groove

There is nothing like a nice long break to help feel rested and rejuvinated. BUT, boy is everyone slow getting started. It seems like brains are moving in super slow motion (mine included).

Students were eager to come back from winter break on Monday morning. Everyone had stories to tell from Christmas. There was a lot of bragging about winning at Wii and tales of who slept in the latest. By 10:00 though, students started to sag. Those that had been getting up at noon every day, looked sooooo tired.

Students wrote goals for 2009 in their online journals, but I am thinking maybe we should have waited a few days. The ability to think ahead and plan for the rest of the year seemed to be a daunting task for many. Just getting through the day seemed to be an insurmountable challenge.

The sluggish response after just two weeks off made me think about coming back from summer break. This losing momentum and loss of learning is the strongest reason the idea of year-around school often gets mentioned. I can't see that happening in the near future in Ohio, but it is an interesting idea?

What do you think? Should we avoid the summer slow slowdown and go to school year around?



Anonymous said...

Getting in the groove is simply getting it. I get in the groove when I get something in math really wall. It feels like I am hooked to a 100 vault battery.

Anonymous said...

I think all of the students(including me) are getting better at waking up. I think sometimes its even a little bit funny when they say thier tired. It's like you just had two whole weeks to sleep, thats 14 days!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr.McGuire,it can be hard to get back on track. Especially after a long well deserved break. You cant get failing grades though . So what I do is forget about what I did over my break and only think about things that mater at school.

Austin S.