Friday, March 5, 2010

Why Test Prep is Like Running into a Brick Wall

Boy are students in Reading Workshop about to be surprised.  They may not be crash dummies, but they are headed for a wreck.  After six months of reading and writing, of discussion and learning, of  thinking and blogging, things are about to change.  Woohoo, it is time to get ready for the Ohio Achievement Assessment (this used to be the OAT until they decided we needed a new acronym).

Let's see, we start with pull out for intervention.  Then we add pull out for test taking skills.  Next is pull out students with IEP's so they know what they have to do for the test.  Then, it is my turn to go to the office and run off about 73,000 copies of old test passages about engaging stuff like what makes a dummy crash, with thought-provoking questions for students to answer.

Don't get me wrong.  I think I believe that the test is important.  When I go to grade level meetings next year, they will determine if I am a hero, or a zero.  Students will be placed in seventh grade based on the ability  they show on the test.  So they must do well.  Our school will be evaluated based on students showing they are better test takers than last year. So obviously the test is important.

Why will students feel like they hit a wall next week?  Stay tuned as we discover the answers to these questions and find out why dummies keep running into brick walls, or something like that.

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Hannah C said...

Can't wait!!!! :)