Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why Their Matters

Recently, a local newspaper published an announcement about help with homework for students.  However, in their listing, someone obviously needed to proofread.  I really don't know about ACTS, but I can't help but be slightly concerned about the quality of help that students will receive.

Obviously, someone is making a lot of effort to help the youth in their community.  And maybe I am just being a picky language arts teacher.  Maybe I have screamed so much about PUGS this year, that I just cannot let it go.  However, if you are going to publish anything, and especially if it has to do with students, it must be right.

No one is perfect.  In fact, I missed an editing mistake on the first draft of this post (I know that shocks my students.).  However, published works should be correct.  And homework helpers probably should know which their/there to use when they color do a craft (see the end of ad if this does not make sense).