Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What is Your Potential?

If I could measure students' output on a potential scale from 1 - 100, I wonder how most would score?  If I could just reach in the top right desk drawer, pull out the Potentialmeter, and turn it on, what would it show?

I would be willing to bet that most students don't realize their potential.  They underestimate their ability to think, read, write, and produce high quality work.  Although they are working, they are not even close to maximum output.

Don't get me wrong.  Students in Reading Workshop have really been putting forth a lot of effort.  As we scream down the test prep road preparing for the Ohio Achievement Assessment on April 27, students have been working hard and showing excellent growth in their ability.  However, I just don't believe they know the limits of their capabilities.  And, I know they are not even close to putting forth maximum effort.

This became especially evident as I watched this video, Death Crawl from Facing the Giants in Mrs. Stevenson's class yesterday.

Students in Reading Workshop, how close are you to reaching your potential?  What would your score be on the potentialmeter?  What is your best and what can you do to reach it?



Kaitlyn C. said...

I think what my potential number would be on the potentialmeter is 15%. I know that I can do better but I just don't feel like it sometimes.

I think Mr.McGuire would say that my potential would be maybe 25-45% and he would say he knows I can do better because he believes in me.

But I really like that video, it shows that Brock could have done better but he was slacking. That is what I am doing. But during these last 2 weeks I will try my hardest to pass the 6th grade and move on to middle school.

Everyone will be proud of me for doing my best and that is a feeling I probably will never forget.

Rj.B. said...

I think that I am about at 91 percent . And I think that I am not saying that I am not putting all my effort into it but I also am not saying I am putting my worst effort . But with my grade in your class I am obviously putting a lot of effort in to it cause you have to work really hard to get a " B " . But then again I must not be putting full effort in my work or I would have an "A" . So I am trying my best but I think I have a lot more effort in me I just don't give it all out . But I am stepping up in your class room with energy and effort . So I think I do work a lot and still put up my best effort but I still think that I would have a 91 percent .

Ian L. said...

My potential is not 100 yet it's 90 but by the time of the Achievement Test I will have full potential and that is 100% effort towards every thing that I will do from now on. I know that I have the potential but reaching it is the goal. Your potential is what keeps you going why you have achieved what you have achieved. Once you reach what you think is your highest potential don't stop try to reach a new potential show what you can do and be successful.

To reach your potential you can't be like you were before you have to push yourself a little bit more and not stop even if you think you can't do it like in the video Death Crawl when Brock only says he can go to the fifty yard line but when he doesn't stop he knows what he can do now. That is why I will reach 100% potential for sure because I was inspired by this video to do so.

Hannah C said...

I think I am close to reaching my potential. From 1-100 on the Potentialmeter, I think I would be somewhere around 96-97. My best is when I give everything I am capable of. I give my best, no matter what I'm supposed to do. On the achievement test, I will just keep pushing myself to go on, no matter what the question is asking, or how hard it is. For example, on the seventh grade math practice test, I got stuck on a really hard question. I wanted to quit and come back to it later, but I knew if I did that, I would frustrate myself even more. So I worked on the question, and about fifteen minutes later, I finally completed it. I was very proud of myself for getting through that hard question without giving up.

But, if I am not close to my maximum potential, one thing I can do to improve it is pay attention in class and participate. Another thing I can do is get help from other people that may be higher on the scale that I am.

MakaylaK22 said...

I think that I am very, very close to reach potential. I think that I am probably about a 93 or a 95.My best is to tell myself to keep trying and to keep going and never give less than I know that I can give.I can tell myself to give everything that I have to try my best.

What I can do to reach it would be to give nothing but my best and to work a lot harder and do everything that I need to get the best.

MicahL22 said...

What is your Potential? Are you giving your best? Well I know that I'm not. Like when Broc thought he could give his best and got to the 50, but without knowing were he was Broc made it to the 100 yard line. How far do you think you could go? How far can you really go?

I think anybody that is determined to do stuff can give there best (they could go to the 100 yd line). I think that my potential on the potentialmeter is not even half way their. I think I do a good job and think I'm way up there on the meter but I'm really not. Although there are so many things that most anybody could to go up on the meter.

What is your potential are you really giving your best? Well if your not than you need to coach yourself to.

shawn said...

I think that I would be close to what my potential because I try my hardest on every thing that I do.

I think that people can do more than they do. I think that we should see what
people can do with a meter because then the teachers know what you can and can't do. All of the schools need to get one for all of the teachers so that they can know that. I think that we should not be aloud to go to gym if we do not do are work. We should get punished if we did not do are word that had to be down.

SavannahM said...

How close are you to reaching your potential?

From a scale to 0-100 I think my potential is about 97%. Because I'm ready for this Ohio Achievement Test, I'm not scared and I'm not nervous I'm ready! When I walk through that school door in the morning I'm going to put my foot down and try my best. Because that's all you can do is try your best.
I will be confident because my friends and family will support me.

Josh J. said...

I think I'm close to reaching my full potential but also far away from it. I think this because I know how to do the test and I have prepared for it since the start of the year, but I know I can learn more and achieve even more then this. I know I can do it and I know I will but I want to do more then this I want to blow this test out of the water. I want to score high and use the knowledge I have and the knowledge I will learn in the next two weeks. If I just keep pushing myself and have the support from family and friends the test will be hard but easy in a way. I'm so close I can feel my full potential showing but getting it out will be tricky. There is one thing that I know for sure though, my full potential will be here on April twenty-seventh when I really need it.

Calebw said...

I don't think I am giving my very best potential. I know I can give better potential. I'm going to give better potential. And the video is really inspiring.

Rylee C said...

I think that I am very close to reaching my potential. I think that if I were tested on a potential meter today I would score a 93. I believe that my best is a 97. I think what I have to do to reach my potential of a 97 is that I have to use all of the strategies that were taught to me throughout the year. I also have to believe in myself and work harder at it.

Erica H. said...

If you think potential is just writing something down on a piece of paper you are absolutely positively wrong. You have to put a whole lot of effort, because if you don't put effort into your work by the end of the achievement test then your score is going to be whole lot worse than you think. Now that does not mean do the best your parents want. If they tell you they'll fifty bucks if you pass the achievement test well then you are better off doing your personal best because fifty dollars is not worth it.

codye22 said...

I think that my potential would be between 95 and a 96. What would you think your potential would be in two weeks till the Ohio Achievement Test will you give it your best effort. Are you going to be like Brock in the movie and don't give up?

The best thing that I can say is if you think you can do it give it your best shot/effort.What do you think that your potential would be on the OAT in two weeks?

clint said...

I think that people can do stuff that they do not know

Madison H. said...

I am so close to reaching my potential! I have learned so much this year. I think all of the sixth grade has improved so much from last year. I know that I have improved and learned more things this year than ever.

On a potential-meter 1-100, I think I fall under a 70, because almost everyday I learn something new. I think that I still have a lot of learning to do.

My best is a 100 but to achieve that 100 is a task. I can pay attention in class, ask questions, and turn in all my work on time all these things can help to get to that 100 on the potential-meter! There are endless possibilities to achieve that 100, just have to put forth the effort to get to the 100!

I feel really confident about the big OAT test. The teachers have done a awesome job on teaching every student how to attack words and how to use strategies. I feel like I'm going to pass with no problem and it is thanks

Marissa said...

I would say 80% that is a good task. I think I sometimes ask for help but. sometimes I like to try to get it right by myself. I am always trying to help people. I think I will do good on the AAT test. The teachers are doing a good job on teaching me how to use strategies so that I know I will pass the test.

Karly said...

I think I am not even close to being at the top of the meter, I also think I am not even half way.My score would not be even half way.My best is trying as hard as I can and my mom always told me try your best and thats all you can do.I always try my best but I don't put enough potential in it.

Even though Brock thought he couldn't go to the 50 yd. line he made it to the 100 yd. line and he didn't even know it!He was so strong and he had the faith that he could carry a 160 lbs man all the way across the football field(100 yd.).

I think Mr.Mcguire's right,nobody will be there to tell you, that you can make it, and you should just believe in yourself and try your hardest!I think every one in the sixth grade should try there hardest and make Laurelville school a top scorer!

Brandon C. said...

My potential right now wouldn't even be close to my best. Right now from 1-100 my potential would be about 25% top. I can do way better than that and over the next two weeks i will be trying to give 110%. I don't know what I am going to do to help me but I will figure something out.

I really like this video because it is telling you that sometimes our best is hidden. Brock thought that he could only go to the 30 yard line but the coach wanted him to go to the 50 yard line, blindfolded. When he put the blindfold on he didn't know where he was going to end up. That is why the coach wanted him blindfolded. He ended up in the other in-zone.

Sometimes if we can't tell then we can end up doing our best. So are you doing your best? Chances are your not. Try to find some technique to do your best. If you think blindfolded is the best technique then I would say try it.

Cody L said...

My potential on the potentialmeter would probably be at around about 90% because if I really was given my full potential I would probably have an A instead of a B but I would probably have an A if I wasn't so lazy sometimes, well maybe most of the time.

After watching this video and after seeing what Brock could really do I think I could do a lot better in class if I really work hard for it.In the video Brock thought he would only make it to the 30 yard line but he went all the way to the 100 yard line the whole football field and that show that if you work hard you can reach your full potential.

Now that I have saw this video I can believe that I can reach my full potential if I really work hard at it instead of being too lazy.

Nathan .N. said...

I know that my potential is very high. I never stop even if I can't do it I keep going. I never stop I just go forward. I know that my potential is at lest 97 to a 99.

I know that I can't do everything but I try as hard as I can to achieve my goal like the movie. He thought that he could only make it to the 30 yard line. In the end he was in the end zone.

What is my best? How can I achieve it? Are these some of the questions that you ask yourself? If they aren't then think for a minute what can I achieve in life.

Now forget that. You can achieve that easly. Now I know that you can do at lest three times better.

Justin G said...

I think I'm around a 75 but I know I can do way better. I try in class and I try my hardest but if I focus then I will try my hardest and I will also succeed to 100 but I can't do that if I don't put all of my effort into it and focus. Even if I get an "A" it's not above 100% and it's not an "A+".

So if I try my hardest I think I can get to around 90 but if I try more than my hardest I can be like Brock and reach the 100 mark. My goal may be 90 but if I really try and push it like Brock in the video then I know I can reach 100 and be definitely ready for the OAT.

The video of Brock really inspires me to not give up and to give it my all not my best but my all. So in the next two weeks and on the OAT I will be taking a lot more time on the tests and try to give it my all and think of the video and what Brock did to succeed like I want to.

zachd said...

I say my potential is close to a 91. I think this because I know I can do better than what I am doing.

The OAT test is coming up and I think that I am going to get a pretty high score. The OAT test I am confident about it. On every question I think of it as the first question, because the first question every body does there best.

After I watched the video I knew I could do more. I know its going to be hard to get a potential of 100, but I will push myself until I get a potential of 100

Branden M said...

I am really close to reaching my potential. Right now I would give myself an 80 when my goal is for around an 85. I gave myself such a high score because I always try my best to succeed in school and sports. It is starting to show in school. For 2 grading periods in a row my math grade was a C, but I put up my best and brought it up to a B.

AndrewS said...

I think I am nearing my potential as a student. If I were to score my potential on a potentialmeter on a 1- 100 scale I would have a potential of 80.

My best would be a 100 because I pay attention in class so I can figure any questions I come across on any test. Something I can do to achieve my potential is to work my best until I achieve the goal I need for every thing I do in school or while doing anything in life.

Codyk said...

On a scale between 1-100, I think I would get a 20-40 chance on the Potentialmeter. I think Mr.McGuire thinks I would get a 70-90 on the Potentialmeter.

I know I could get a higher score on the Potentiometer if I can do a great job till now and the OAT test.For this years OAT test I think I'll pass because I learned stuff that I didn't know the day I came back to school. Ever since we taken the OAT test I passed each one every year since the first day I took the OAT test.

Shaylee said...

I think my potential is between 50 and 80, but you never know because you always learn new stuff everyday and that can sometimes change your potential. I know that when it comes time for the Ohio Achievement Test that I will be ready. I may be scared at first but when I start it I will probably say to my self I know this stuff we learned it in class.

When the coach was yelling at Brock and telling him he can do it when he was about to give up made me think if I just believe in myself I think I would pass, but if I just say this is to hard and just give up I probably wouldn't pass.

This video is trying to tell/show you that when you believe you can achieve. When you see the coach yelling at Brock you might have thought he was being to hard on him, but he is really trying to tell Brock to believe in his self. So when you believe in yourself you just might achieve.

Garrett said...

If there was potentialmeter and I could score my self I think I would get average of 90 but this is what I think. I think my full potential is 96, 97 or 98 and this is what I think. To reach my full potential I would have to finish school and go to college. Other ways to reach my full potential is by using strategies to help me. One other way to reach my full potential is by asking teachers questions so I know more about what I'm learning about. The OAT test is going to big but I sure I'm going to pass and it is going to be long.

codyj said...

I think my potential would be at about 77%.The reason that I think this is because I still have things I need to accomplish.Some way's I can accomplish these things are,Go over what I need to achieve,try to work harder,and then I might accomplish some things.And maybe get to the 80% mark.OR maybe 85%,or 90%.But I still got to on 80%.

Kelsey said...

I think my potential on a scale from 0-100 I am at 71%. I know that I can do better, I'm not trying my hardest at all.

When Brock though he could only go to 30 with some 160 pound guy on his back and the coach said no I'm making you go to fifty he though he couldn't do it with this guy on his back. But in the end he was at 100 blind folded and all. But he gave his best and that's all that counts.

I want to be that way. I want to have one of the highest scores on the Ohio Achievement Test (OAT). But that can't happen unless I try my best.

My best is 100 but to achieve this task I could pay attention. Then I would learn more. Also I could Ask more questions when I am confused. But if I don't do this I will not do good and this means I'm not trying my best.

destiny said...

I probably give an 19%. I say this because everyone including me thinks I can do better. Its just a lot of the time there is a part of me that is always saying its okay you will get it next time then another part is saying don't listen to that you can't get better you just don't do well in school. It feels like the part that says I can't is right even though people tell me I can.Its like my first time sining in front of people they I said I did munch better then some people and i always said I could better now a lot of people are saying that if I went on some show like America Idol they would be there to cheer me up or cheer me on. So my point is that I need to try harder and do my best because we are almost out of time.

Noah said...

I think my potential om the Potentialmeter is around 50. I think this because I learn things all the time like things I did not know and things I do know but I did not put full effort into it.

I am almost ready for the OAT in two weeks. By the time the test come around I will be ready.

When I was watching the video, Brock was about ready to give up but his coach kept yelling at him and Brock kept going.

Kaylee M. said...

I think my potential would be between a 50 and 75, but new stuff just piles up on you/me ever year when you go to one grade to the next.

When we have the Ohio Achievement test I think my potential will be a little bit higher because the teachers try to do their best to teach us and make sure we understand.

On the video when Brock had to do the death crawl and the coach told him to not give up, well that made me think hey, don't give up so now when I take the OAT test I'm going to be ready. If I did give up I know for sure that I wouldn't pass. But if I did my best and not give up I know I will pass.

Justin P. said...

If you gave me the potential meter, I don't know what it would say. I think I am trying my hardest but I may be wrong. Potential is a very hard thing to determine. You never know what you can do until you try.

Alysha p. said...

My potential is about 50% but if tried a little bit harder I now I can do it.
This couple weeks I am going to give 110% nothing is going to stop me or tell me I can't do it because I now I can. I am trying as best as I can. I have more effort than 50%.

Jacob A said...

I think that my potential is a 75-80. I know that I can do better than I am. I just have to try a little harder. There is just a few things that I need to work on to reach my full potential.

In the video I was really inspired to try my best. When the coach was telling Brock not to give up, It made me think about how much you can achieve. I have decided that when we take the OAT test that I am not going to give up, I am going to do my best and try to reach my potential.

Beth E. said...

I think I am close to reaching my potential. On the potential meter I think I think I would have a around a ninety. My best is one hundred.

What I can do reach one hundred is to do my very best on the achievement test. I should use every strategy I have learned and work hard. Then I should check over my test at least three times when I am finished. That is how I think I can reach my very best.

terryw2222 said...

If I had to say my potential would be at 15% but i know i can do better but sometimes i do not feel like i got it in me.

Sometimes i feel like i need to work harder and do my best but my it like my body does not want me to do that but deep in my heart i do what i can do and thats why i feel like i am at a 15% or more.

In the video death crawl that makes me feel like i should give it all i got.

Kasi R. said...

I think my potential can be better, and watching this video made me think if I take my time and take one step at a time I can give my whole potential.

When I am taking my OAT test I will think of this video and Mr. McGuire and know that I can give my best. When doing my test I will go one step farther to do my best and know my score will show it.

Darren said...

I think my potential meter would be 50-60% and I know I can do better just some times I don't get stuff right away because I am a slow learner.

For the test I am going to give it a 110% and I am going to pass because we are still learning so that will make me even better so wish me luck

Cierra D said...

I think that if you pulled a potential meter on me on a 1-100 scale I think that I would get a 85. I am trying my best but I just have not gotten to the point to where I am the best I can be.

I know that the Achievement test is only two weeks away and the thought of that scares me because I know I can do so well and I am so close to reaching my full potential. With that I am going to cram so much in my head that to make sure I do not lose any information I am going to have to duct tape my head closed.

In two weeks when the Achievement test comes around I will have my own personal coach in my heart telling me not to give up and to keep trying and do my best (the same in math.)

Beth K. said...

I think that my potential would be at a 70. I now I can do way better but sometimes I do not put all my effort into what I an doing. On some things I don't do my best, but I try.

I am kinda close to reaching my potential. I bet if I tried I could get a 94 on my potential.

My best might be a 97.5. On the OAT test I am going to try my very best and I am hoping that I can achieve more than my best like Brock did on the death crawl. He thought that he could only go a little but he went 100yd.

Jacob P. said...

I think that my potential test would be low. Like Brock, I'm only giving so much. I may not be doing the "Death Crawl" with a 160 Lb. man on my back, but my effort could be much larger than the 40% I'm giving. The OAT's are coming fast, with the right amount of effort I think I could reach the in-zone as well.

Nash C. said...

I think I am close to reaching my potential. I know I need to work harder on the Ohio Achievement Test because sometimes I make stupid mistakes or don't read all of the question, but I usually realise it when I check over my work (thank goodness). I think my score on the potentialmeter would be an 89.

JimmyC.22 said...

If I had the potential meter right now I think that it would say 15.I don't think I am doing my best.When the test day comes I will do the best I can.I will give my best on the test I will do the hardest to get my potential 100.

When we watched the video it really made me think that I wasn't doing my best so when the day comes I will do my best and not give up.

Tyler.S said...

I don't think that I am very close to my potential at all. There is a lot of goals that I have been trying to complete but I never got to them. One of my goals is to join the football team, the Tigers.

My score on the Potentialmeter is probably a 98%. My highest goal that I want to achieve is a 100%. What I can do to get to that goal is to complete all my other goals I haven't accomplished yet.

Hannah Hart. said...

If I were to grade myself on the potentialmeter from 1-100, I would have to rate my potential at 93-97. I know that I'm supper close to meeting my absolute potential though. So I know I can make it to 100. And for the Achievement test, I will meet that 100 mark.

To reach it in time for the Achievement tests, I know that I can't give up. And I'm going to have to work my hardest. No matter what! On Achievement day I'm going to need that coach in my head to stay focused and to finish that test.

Kennedy said...

I think that my potential is about 60% there. I think that my score on a potential meter would be a 60. I think that I can do way better than I have been but I have just not ever noticed what my best was in till I watched the video Death Crawl. I also have never noticed what my best was in till my teacher Mr.McGuire talked to us about our best potential. I always thought that I was doing my best but I just noticed that I have to push myself, I have to do better than my best. From this day on I will be at my best potential.

Katie H said...

If I were to test my potential on the potentialmeter from 1-100 I would give myself a 90-95. I'm here and ready for the Achievement test but there are still some spots in the way that are blocking the path. I am confident though that I can achieve the rest of what I need to know before the time comes.

In the video Brock had potential and trusted himself in the end. At first he didn't think he could make it to the 50 yard line but Brock accomplished a lot more than, he made it to the end zone. I'm going to have that kind of potential when achievement test time comes.