Friday, September 24, 2010

Why This Inner Voice Thing is So Important

We just discussed the Queen of Fake Reading, and no one wants to be her.  In fact, everyone knows that I am talking about someone else.  Surely no one can be like that, can they?  Does anyone really do that?  YES, a lot of students (and teachers) fake read.

Fake reading usually takes place when the inner voice volume button is on mute.  In other words, the reader is not listening to his inner voice.  Usually the reader just skims the page, not focusing on the ideas, or trying to relate to them.  There are no connections to prior knowledge, people, problems, or places.

The inner voice is what gives words their meaning.  Knowing the definition of words doesn't mean the reader understands the text.   Meaning comes from the relationship between the words on the page and the reader.  The inner voice controls and drives that relationship.

To better use your inner voice, and understand what you read you can:
1.  Stop reading and think
2.  Pause at the end of the page
3.  Question what might happen next
4.  Compare what the character does, to what you would do
5.  Slow down
6.  Compare the setting to some place you know
7.  Reread if you suddenly realize you don't know what you just read
8.  Make a prediction
9.  Read slower 
10.If some of this list sounds like it is repeated, thank your inner voice for paying attention.

Students, what advise do you have to help readers hear their inner voice?


Sara, Brook, and Austin said...

To hear your inner voice you need to:

1.Slow down,

2.Stop and think,


4.Don't get off track,

5.Pay attention to what you read,

6.Think about it,

7.Don't fake read,

8.Ask your self questions about it,

9.Put yourself in the story, and

10.Relate to the characters.

All of these are good ways to listen to your inner voice.

Rhianna, Megan, Vince said...

One way you can hear your inner voice is to stop reading, close your eyes and think.Another way is to block out any other thoughts and sounds. Once you are done reading a chapter you should think about what you just read in that chapter.You should also get a book that you are interested in and one that makes since to you. You can read a quit space, that's what helps us as 6th graders read. Another way you can help hear your inner voice is you can connect the book to your life.

Micah . Heath . Blaize said...

If you're almost done with the book go back and read a couple chapters you did not understand. If you don't understand a book ask somebody if they have any suggestions about good books. If your inner voice is not getting a picture of the book then you probably don't understand the book so you need to get a new one. You could compare your life to the book. If you don't take control of your inner voice then mind wonder all over the place and you won't under stand the book. If your inner voice is on track then you're probably reading a good book. If you do not get the book at first then keep rereading it until you do.

Seth V. , Jessica W. said...

If you don't understand the book you're reading

If you don't understand you're book very well then slow down what
your reading or read over the pages that you don't understand. Another thing you could do is stop reading and think about the page you just read.
When I don't understand a part in the book, I go back and read it over and over until I get it. Also sometimes I will stop and think about what they are saying.
When I don't understand what I just read I slow down and compare the setting to one place I might know.

Ashlee, Nick & Caitlin said...

To hear your inner voice you got to
actually understand what you are reading. Slow down and think what your inner voice is saying. You have to be interested in what you are reading. If you don't have a picture in your head then you are not getting what you are reading.

lindsey h,cade v, Dustin f said...

Our advice to you is to think at the end of the paragraph. We also think that you should think about your own opinion of the character[s]. We also think you should be a part of the book when you read, or you're brain dead and the book is not interesting if your not part of the book!

Belle H., Katie R., Tabitha L. said...

One way I would give advice to people is, I would tell people to listen hard, to hear their inner voice. People read to fast, and don't slow down to listen to there inner voice. Another way, I would give people advice is to read at lest, once a day. Some people fake read and can't hear their inner voice, and that just makes them a bad reader. Sometimes, when I read I stop and think about, what my inner voice is saying.

Mark and Timothy said...

Our advice to you is to get a good book. Think about how you relate to the book. Find out what your inner voice is saying. If needed read the word again. Find an interesting book that you can not stop wanting to read it or wondering what is going to happen next.

Tyler, Vanessa and Stephen said...

Here is some good advice about your inner voice. Slow down when reading. Reread something if it doesn't make since. Don't fake read. Think something over with your inner voice. Make your own opinion about the character. If a character might be yelling at somebody. You and your inner could figure out that the character would be mad and have a mean voice. Compare you with the character and figure out how you could do something that the character just did in a book that your reading.

Austin D, Lisa B, Danny H said...

To hear your inner voice you have to re-read if you suddenly realize you don't know what you just read, make predictions,question what might happen next in the book,compare what happens in the book to your life.
If you start a new book, and you don't hear you inner voice by the 10th page. YOU NEED A NEW BOOK!