Monday, May 5, 2008

Role of Technology in Education

I first viewed this on Betchablog.

Parents, students, and teachers, how should technology be incorporated into education? What would the ideal Reading Workshop look like? What would reading and writing instruction look like? What processes would we follow? What activities would take place in this "ideal" classroom? What would determine success?


kyle f said...

I don't think texting or instant messaging should be allowed in classrooms except when an absolute emergency occurs. I think this because if you text, you probably won't be able to stay focused and do good in school. I think that classrooms should have a lot of technology in them. The only kind of technology in my personal view that should not be allowed in classrooms are cell phones.

Dimitri H said...

I think texting should not be allowed in school and people say "only if it is an emergency" for one you should not have a cellphone in school anyway. If people don't want to get in trouble that should not have the cellphone in school in the first place.

Alina Smith said...

I think that we should bring more technology into schools. Students could use laptops to type all their assignments. I think that cellphones should only be used at recess to play games and talk to a friend a long was away or after school to call if there is some thing important they need to tell a someone (that is not nearby).I think electronic games should not be aloud during school.

Emily S (em n em) said...

You know Mr. McGuire I don't really know how to respond to this but here it is. I think that technology should be used in our classrooms as on the computer, searching for things, getting on the blog and typing. Just like what we do now but we need more than that I think. Like I'm in your homeroom, I think that like during inside recess that we should be able to get on things to talk to our friends in other classes online. Like one of the lady's said was that, you people take away messaging our friends in our free period like inside recess. I think that that should be our time to be able to get on and talk to our friends in other classes because we only get to see them for about 20 minutes a day.

I think that some kids would take advantage of that kinda stuff and use it in a bad way. But on the other hand most kids probably wouldn't take advantage of it. Like take Kati and Kari for example they are probably the best students you could ever have. The wouldn't take advantage of that. But there are some kids that I could Imagen doing that.

I like to be creative so here are some things that you could do to use technology in our classroom more. Like every day pick one kid from each class that you think has been doing really well and let them figure out a topic to put on the blog. I think that would be cool and It would give you a break. Another thing that you could do is let us take a day and explore our computers and find some more educational websites. A third thing that you could do is kinda the same as the first thing, You could have one student that you think is doing really well and have them think of a journal topic and the whole class would do that. Those are some things I think you could do to help us use technology in our classroom more.

Tommy S said...

I think technology can help students through school and life,one way it will help students and parents know useful information such as when a parent would go on to check their kids grades. The reading workshop is where you could learn useful information. In this ideal room we would learn information, such as how to rewrite a question.

Dimitri H. said...

I think that we should have more technology in school. The only thing we should not have is cellphones. We should not have cellphone with our learning because we would just text and stuff all day LONG. Whenever somebody texts they use slang like for example (u,r,lol,rotflol,g2g,2 and wat.) So therefore you should not have anything like that in the classroom.

Laney (shorty) said...

How do you think technology would work in class???
How would you succeed or get it write???

I think that technology would be a good thing for class because it shows what you can do or be in your future. It said in the video that cell phones and text messaging was a banded from schools and that is something that you might need to use. If you are not in school you would get to still learn many things.
It said in the video that technology would help you get to collage and it would help you will many other things like,

DRIVING or getting a JOB

In our class we get to bring in Cd's and we get to listen to them during some of our work and in other schools you don't get to do that because they have a different technology that they use. Some kids would just mess around and don't care what they are using hoe they are doing it. When Mr. McGuire let's use listen to music it helps pretty much every body in the whole class and the other class that comes in here.

Technology would help you because you wold be making friends and you would get to work in groups better and get to get along with every body.

I think that we need to use technology more or let kids from the classes help get stuff together for example,
let somebody pick a blog topic.
Another type of technology is ENGRADE. Engrade is when you can get on line and check your grades.
If we did not have technology then we would not be able to do all of the stuff that we do now.

Justin H. said...

I think that technology can help students if it is used in the right way. One way this could help us out is if we are looking up research for a project the internet has a lot of good information we could use. Another example of technology being good is that if you type your work most computers have spell check and then it is harder to make mistakes. A third way that technology helps us is that when we listen to music it helps us focus. A fifth way technology helps is when we sing it helps us to read more fluently.

brittany m said...

I think we should bring more technology into classrooms because kids might come to school more and find out that they can use a computer almost all day.The kids should still not bring cell phones to school because they could get off focus and get bad grades.We should have lab tops so we can take them to all our classes and use them.We should have all our information in the computer like our classwork,homework and how to do it.If the kids don't bring the lab tops back to school the should get detention and get a big zero on their classwork and homework.I think we should get all technology in the classrooms,it could help us so we can have the privilege of using the computer and so the teachers could tell us what websites to go to.It would block all the bad websites and only let us go on the websites the teachers tell us to go on.It might cause the teachers less stress.They might come to school and be happy.;)

jennie b said...

I think that using technology can be good for students because what if you were doing a report on someone and you needed a book on them but library did not have one. What would you do? I would research on the internet. The websites on the internet are updated. With some wrong information and some right information. Thats why you go to different libraries and check what you have found. Anyway I like the way we use technology in class for instance, we get to listen to music while we work. I think that is a great idea because for some people you get more focus on your work while you listen to music.

Or when we sing in class we are using technology to project the words on the wall to read them while we sing. Another example of using technology in school is our school work. We couldn't have school papers without technology, well we could but I don't think we would have a very good teacher. The teacher would have to write out the papers. We use technology every day in school. Personally I couldn't go a day without technology. We use technology when we make announcements over the intercom we use technology.

I think that technology can help us because if we didn't have technology we would all probably be bumps on a log figuratively speaking. Like if Mr. McGuire put a kid in charge of the blog and every time there needed to be a new topic that kid could draw a name or play a game to see who the next person is to write the blog. Using the blog is a good way to grade people on spelling and typing, because sometimes business people make typing errors. A good way to make sure that doesn't happen is to type while you are young. Then you will have a lot of typing experience. We should use technology more often because technology helps some students. It helps them because we use technology to help us understand things for example, if we were to have trouble with a math problem like we aren't working it right we could use a calculator and maybe it will make more sense.

Brianne H. said...

I think that technology should be allowed in schools because it helps students by allowing them to e-mail and text another student for help because what if they get stuck on a problem that they are allowed to get help on. The students can get their friends e-mail address or cell phone number at the beginning of class and can just e-mail or text their friend the question. I think this would help schools and students because in each classroom there are at the most about two teachers open to help at a time, and there are about eighteen to twenty four students in a class, and if you have question you can just text/e-mail your friend and get the answer faster than if you had to wait on your teacher for help.

Another way teachers can let more technology into their schools is they can let each of their students have their own blog, then they can write about anything he/she wants that has to do with what they did in school that day or the day before then the teachers could see what they though of that lesson. Or they could put questions on their blogs and the teachers or students could get on their blogs and check them for questions, then if there was any they could answer them. Also parents can get on their children's blogs and see what their child thinks of school ans the assignments that their teachers hand out. This is what I think of technology in schools and how we could add more of it into schools.

scotty d said...

This is how I think we should use technology. I think we should use a calculator when ever we can. Also use the computer for music when ever we want to. That we should use technology in every class. We should be on the internet learning. Teachers should even use them as much as we would. When ever we have time we should be playing games when ever we want. We should be able to look stuff up on the computer for the achievement test. So we don't fail. Kids should use technology to drive when ever they want.

My mom says I don't need a calculator but I say we need one. Because it helps you find the answer. I think we should have the teacher to put a new topic every day. So we could get extra credit points. We should write about a any topic we want to write about. That is what I think.

Connor H. said...

I think technology should not be incorporated into education because it will mostly do the work for you. What I mean is when you are typing you are not going to learn how to spell. You will not learn how to spell because you will be looking at spell check and spell check is spelling it for you. Another reason you should not use technology, is if you want your hand writing to be neat, than practice your hand writing!!! Do not let the computer print it out neat for you. This is why I think you should not use technology in school. You should use your brain.

kyah said...

I think bring technology into classrooms is not a bad thing but a good thing. Technology we use in the classroom is helping us with our work like the computer, and the music player. For the music player we use headphones so the noise from around us is silent so we can do our work in the quiet classroom.

Some creative things I think we can do are...
1. Slit the class into two groups and they have to type a journal on the topic of your choosing. You put the two journals on the blog and let the other class choose which one is the best. Then who ever typed the paper should be able to come up with a blog topic.
2.You should put a contest on the blog that if you win you get to bring any type of technology to school without getting in trouble. These are some creative ways I thought we can do with technology.

Mr. McGuire said...


You make an interesting point. However, I have to question, why do you ride a bus to school? Why do you cook on a stove, instead of a fire? All of the advancement in society is an attempt to make our life better.

Knowing this, shouldn't technology be used in our school, to help students grow and learn to be productive in an advancing society?

Shelby C (happy girl) said...

The ideal Reading Workshop to me look like a computer lab. It would look like this because kids would read online. They could do this by making a web site that they put books on. It would be like this and they hit "add book" and they type the name of the book and it shows up on the reading list. Then all they have to do is click the book title and they can read it. Just like that they can read the book.
I think that math class should have technology in it. I would probably like math better with technology. I would incorporate technology into math by having a computer for every kid and they would have a web site that will help them with any math they need help on. Then the same web site would have your math homework assignment on it and you can do your homework on the web site also. there would be a button that checks your homework to see if you have the answers right.
I have a very creative mind and here are a few things that we could do in school. We should sing every day and we should also have one student manage the blog and one that will keep the websites up to date. I think that we should also have 10 min or more in each class to use the check your homework in each class. I think that every class should post homework and test dates for each day.

Kyle W. said...

I think that we should use technology when ever we can. Like on the math achievement test I would not of known how to do half the problems. Ms.Bowlby our 6th grade math teacher said that"she wished that calculators were never invented" so that we had to work all the steps out. I think that using computers for tests is a greener way because it takes trees to make that much paper.

Dimitri H. said...

I think that we should have more technology in school. The only thing we should not have is cellphones. We should not have cellphone with our learning because we would just text and stuff all day LONG. Whenever somebody texts they use slang like for example (u,r,lol,rotflol,g2g,2 and wat.) So therefore you should not have anything like that in the classroom. We can have computers to use more technology in school just not cellphones. A way computers can use more technology is blogging what I'm doing right now but that does not matter, and doing writing projects. When we use computers just not for writing but for study island. We can also use our computers for Engrade. Engrade is the online report card for students and teachers can get on it. The only reason teachers get on it is to put our latest grades. The only thing that is not on there is math but I got an A in that so it does not matter. Another thing that we use on our computers is Reading Board. Reading Board is something that has all kinds of books and kids post about them telling what that specific book is about. Then if somebody wants to read that book and they do not know what it is about they can get on Reading If the person that is on there and they do not have the book you can post what that book is and Mr. McGuire can put it on there. So I think we should improve our technology.

Mr. McGuire said...


Great ideas! I would like to be a teacher in your school.

Mrs. Griffey said...

I found the video interesting. Technology is a wonderful tool with many endless possibilities. Having the chance to have one of Laurelville's first Smart Boards in my classroom has been the best teaching tool I have yet to use. It offers my students the world at their fingertips. There is rarely a day goes by that we are not using this technology. We may use it to find statistics, maps, video, and many other items related to a classroom theme or discussion. Technology like the smart board allows for instant feedback. Students learn through discussion. They learn to infer and analyze data. They must then take that data and be able to communicate their findings. One of the speakers made the point that these are the skills our students will need in the "big world." I agree.

Having this technology allows us as teacher to work across disciplines. This year Mr. McGuire and I took advantage of such a scenario. We collaborated on two social studies/writing assignments on the topics of early world cultures and the history of world religions. Our students researched information, and a question arose in which our materials did not have the answer. We took that question and used it as a teaching moment. We used our access to technology as a tool on where we could locate info. We discussed how credible the source, authors purpose, etc.

One of the speakers also stated that if we are to have global learners, then we as teachers need to be global learners/educators too. I, myself, still sit and explore what seems to be this huge vessel of information granted to our classroom through on-line resources from atlases to You Tube that can bring my classroom and my students alive with knowledge. Once other educators get the chance to see and incorporate such technology, they will not want to go back to the "old school" process of just textbooks, worksheets, and paper reports.
I feel technology is an important tool in the education process. It is a process that is every changing and we as educators need to keep trying new tools that are relevant to our classroom and our students too.

Mr. McGuire said...

Mrs. Griffey,

Thank you for your post. We are lucky to teach in a school that has a computer for every language arts students, LCD projectors with document cameras so we can instantly show examples of students' work, white boards for interactive learning, a subscription to Study Island for daily online learning, scanners, high speed internet, and so many other technological advances.

Our building shows what can be done when teachers have the support of administration like we have had for the last ten years. When other schools were making excuses, Keitha Lane helped us find the money to make it happen and John Rundag proved so valuable as a Technology Coordinator.

Molly V said...

How could we turn technology into learning? Well, One thing we've already done. We are using a world wide blog to read, learn and comment on. Also, In Social Studies we use the smart board to watch video clips, and sometimes we watch movies in Mrs. Cartee's class.

Josh P. said...

I think technology is a wonderful gift. I think this because, how do you think I learned how to count. I learned from a video game called Rugrats in Paris for nintendo 64.

I also think this because I hate social studies but when ever we first got to use the smart board I learn better than learning right out of a textbook. Seriously would you rather choose a smart board that is really fun to learn on or a textbook that you dread to read.

I don't think technology should be incorporated into any thing rather than what we are doing right now.

haley e. said...

I think that the technology we have right now is pretty useful because you know how we have the smart board (that we use for social studies and science sometimes for projects), the computers (for Study Island and the blog), the T.V's (in the science room and etc.), and the calculators (for math) which some children in other schools might not have. The stuff that we have now is pretty much all we need to help us in school.

Maybe we could try to be more creative and do more stuff with what we have. Now this is just a suggestion but maybe you could pick someone like every week and let them write a blog about maybe the book they are reading, what they think is great for a project, or what they would like to see happening. Here is another suggestion, maybe you could pick a teacher of the day once a week and let them plan a class schedule for a day or two. Or here is one more suggestion ( I know I have a lot of suggestions), maybe you could plan a day where everyone gets to make their own blog so they could say whats happening at school or like why they like the blog so much.

Dillon y said...

The amount of technology that a school like ours depends on is outrageous. Do we need more technology? I do not think so we can already do so many things, such as, search the web, sing songs, watch videos, have this blog, being able to project, a document camera and being able to print pages. With all the technology we have their isn't much else. Unless you want to get better, upgraded equipment, like better computers or things like that.

If I had a classroom mine would be loaded with technology, computers, projectors, Smartboard, printers, laptops, internet, video players, DVD players, and anything else I could get.

That is what I think about technology in school!!!!!!!

Dustin C said...

I think technology will help kids. One way technology can help kids is if they have homework they can get on the internet to help them. Another way technology can help use is if you are wanting to know your grades you can get on the internet and go to engrade.

Trey W said...

I think we need computers and nothing else. But maybe the smart board. But I do think we need technology in school to help us in the future. So some technology is okay for school and some is not.

caleb f said...

I think that we are using the internet good right now we are allowed school appropriate web sites. We have more than most schools we have computers in our rooms we are pretty good on technology. Technology should be used as we are using it in the right way kids should be allowed to get on some sites related to school. Our reading workshop is pretty good we don't need other stuff to learn. My reading workshop would have a smart board everyone would get a computer they all would have a video player, a set of personal head phones. The way the writing would look like what we do now technology has nothing to do with learning I think. The from would be the same we are good on the processes of learning. We would have a game day were you could get on game sites appropriate for school.The computer would be a big part of success and the books.

1. Mr.McGuire is our reading workshop good if not what would you change and why?

2.If the school gave you a check for 5000 dollars what would you buy for the class and why?

Jacob T. (PINK FLOYD) said...

Technology can be good or bad it just depends on how it is used. A good thing is it can do wonders like, take us to hundreds of places, China, Brazil, Japan, and possibly Cuba. A bad thing is it can bring a lot of horrible things like, sex,drugs,alcohol,and unwanted viewers.

c.j. said...

I think that kids should have certain kinds of technology like the smart board, calculators, and computers but like cellphones ect. are for just social and emergency. You can just use regular phone or run and get somebody for help.

Kari w said...

I like to be very creative and fun so I think we could add technology into our every day work by allowing us to get another smart board into your class. Also at the ending of the year like at camp or somewhere you could get us little mini fans like yours that has our names on them and the date and year.If our room were a technology room there would be a lot of wires. Also there would be a lot of geniuses running around and tons of couch potatoes and computer nerds. Technology is OK as long as you don't get too much. If you get too much you either become a couch potato or addicted to the use of technology.

A few activities we would do are using the smart board to look up things such as the blog or more educational videos.
I think our class would be more fun if we had more technology. We would sing more songs because you could look every song in the world up with the touch of a button. We would have more people trip over wires. We would have more books in the book room and library. It would be awesome.Just try not to spoil us too much Mr. McGuire!

I think technology could be both good and bad. It could be good by expanding our knowledge and everyday activities.It could be bad because if we had that much technology we might forget the basic steps. For example in math class most students flunked their times test because they weren't allowed to use a calculator.

Bree G. said...

I think that testing is not bad but when your in school. I think that we shouldn't use text. I do think that a lot of kids are testing in school and everywhere the go but that can be bad too. Its ok if you what to do it when u go somewhere that is not in school.

A lot of teachers don't like it when there kids in the classrooms are playing with there cell phones. Or if they write commies like we do they would use test. A lot of teachers don't no what it means or the grownups don't no what it means and the kids could get in trouble or something.

Shayna T. said...

Well personally I think that technology should be used in a way to where we would have fun yet we would be learning at the same time. Like the smart board. when we use the smart board we usually watch video's or play games about social studies. I like it better than reading from the book because we are learning the same material just in way that makes it fun. I also think it helps me remember things better because I like remembering fun things over sitting and staring at a book.

The reading workshop is fine the way it is just I think that you should have more of the guest poster's. I think if you had more kids researching facts about reading and writing we would have fun and we would be able to learn.

If we change the blog I think we should change the room to! Well first of all we should get a smart board. If we get a smart board I think it would be best to teach us or show us most of the things you are going to teach us on the smart board.

But the only way to see if we were successful is to see if grades rise or if people start paying more attention so you can see if they want to learn.

trevor s. said...

I think technology has gone really far. We have advanced HD (High Definition) TVs, computers, cameras,and projectors. With some of these, kids will want to participate in the activity's teachers do in school because it is neat. Kids seem to get board if teachers do something on the black board, they start playing with there eraser or play with there pencil maybe look what goes on out side anything but looking what the teacher is teaching and that is how a students grade drops because of lack of participation.

Then when a teacher gets a new tool like the smartboard kids want to participate because they want to touch the board and answer or maybe locate something on the smartboard then they no what is going on they are not playing with an eraser their grades are rising because they know what is going on thanks to technology and the fact it makes kids participate in any subject being taught.