Monday, May 12, 2008

Scary Story

Today we will be writing a scary story. When I told students this last week, they thought I had lost my mind. "It's not Halloween," they said. "Why would we do it in May?" they asked.

Well, funny you should ask that. The things we will cover include:

1. The plot and developing problems;

2. Descriptive writing and adding supporting details;

3. Punctuating dialogue;

4. Character development;

5. Building a narrative to a climax;

6. Cooperation and writing with a partner;

7. Edditing-git that speling write;

8. Writing with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The assignment is to write a scary/horror story. BUT, shooting or guns, and stabbing or knives, or killing in any way is NOT allowed! All injuries must be incidental or accidental. The focus is on scaring the reading in only the most imaginative ways!

I can't wait to read them.


Anonymous said...

I think the scary story thing was a great idea. Now every kid in the 6th grade can be creative with their writing skills.

Anonymous said...

I think writing the scary stories is a good lesson and it is fun. But I am having problems making it really scary.

Anonymous said...

I really like the scary move thing is fun next year you should do it with 6th grade...

Anonymous said...

I really like this story thing but I am used to writing like a story that Is 10 pages long so I have been jumping ahead alot trying to get to the really adventurous parts In the story. But I'll get used It. I can't wait for you to read mine and Bree's story I think It will turn out really great. Even though Bree can get mean but I think she's just doing that so I don't get off track but ya OK.

Anonymous said...

Your right there are lot's of problems that you run into when you write a story. When I started to write my story I could not stop and that where I had my problem I was stuck at dead end.

Anonymous said...

Writing scary stories is fun. But sometimes it not because of the rules to it. I just hope mine and Connors story is the best. I love this story.

Anonymous said...

I love to write story's especially scary but it's hard to write with them rules but I'm trying, I've broken one and no more.