Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Group Work

As part of the Sixth Grade Outdoor Education Camp experience, students must cooperate and work as a group. In order to prepare students, they will have several opportunities to work together, and get their group ready for camp.

Today students had to make 2 lists:
The Top 10 Things That will Help a Group Succeed The Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Happen at Camp

After making the lists, students then shared their top three with the entire sixth grade class. Their lists were interesting, and the groups worked well together. Below is a compilation of the lists.

The Top 10 Things That will Help a Group Succeed

1. Teamwork
2. Encourage each other and be supportive
3. Respect group members
4. Follow camp rules/behave
5. Try your best
6. Don't give up
7. Respect Oty Okwa staff and teachers
8. Believe in yourself
9. Be Understanding
10.Have fun

And on a lighter note

The Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Happen at Camp

10.Don't forget to pack your underwear
9. Don't talk to Mrs. Stevenson before she gets a diet Coke in the morning
8. Don't pee in the pool
7. Don't run out of hot water after you go through Fat Man's Squeeze
6. Don't make Mrs. Griffey yell
5. Don't sleep in the bunk next to a snoring female teacher
4. Don't break a leg
3. Don't get poison ivy
2. Don't pass gas at dinner
1. Don't get sent home


Anonymous said...

When I'm at camp I will follow all of these rules. Oh and I won't pee in the pool!

Anonymous said...

I think that those are very good things to not want to do at camp. I also think they are kinda funny. I can't wait to go to camp. I like our camp groups because I'm with my best friend (Shayna).

Anonymous said...

I think that fat mans squeeze looks really fun. I can not wait till camp. You did a great job picking groups I have a lot of my friends in that group.(Jennie Halyie and Conner)

Anonymous said...

I think that camp is going to be really fun because I have never been there before and it would be something new to me. I have herd people tell me about it and they tell how much fun that they had except for Shad I know that he had a great time until what happened when he was playing FOOT BALL. I think the the list well both of them are awesome but one thing you forgot to put DON'T WANT TO SEE MR. MCGUIRE IN A SPEEDO. I am sure that who ever has gas MR.MCGUIRE WOULD NOT ENJOY IT .

Anonymous said...

I am definitely going to follow these rules. But why wasn't see Mr. McGuire in a speedo on the 10 top things you don't want to happen?

I'm sure it was on every list!

Anonymous said...

What appends if you talk to Mrs.Stevenson in the morning before she has he diet coke????????