Monday, May 12, 2008

Plan for Success in Jr. High

As Laurelville students head off in a few months to McDowell Jr. High, how will teacher's describe them? Will they be the organizational nightmare destroying the sweet dreams of their teachers? What do they need to do to start of their two years of jr. high on the right foot?

On Friday, May 16, the sixth grade will go to McDowell for their orientation. As they begin to think about their future, what goals should students have to face this new challenge? And, what should their plan be to succeed?

I read this recently on Polski3's View From Here.

Helpful or Coddling?

Teaching 7th graders, every school season I get a good number of them who have absolutely NO organizational skills. Our school gives each student a binder and dividers at the beginning of the school year. Most have backpacks to use for lugging their school stuff... many arrive to us with no organizational skills.

The main problem many have with this is that when it comes time to turn in their work, they can't find it. Their assignment might be in their backpack, crammed amongst the remains of who knows what else in the pile of mulch found in many of their backpacks. Their assignment might be someplace in their binder, if they have a binder.


Will our students be a smiling example of success? Will they hold up "A" papers that prove their ability as jr. high students. Or will they be the Pig Pen from Charlie Brown.

What is your PLAN for success?


Anonymous said...

My plan is to do what I am doing this year!

Anonymous said...

My plan is I am going to have a folder for homework, one folder for class assignments, and a folder for every subject. I am going to keep each folder in a binder!

Anonymous said...

My plan is to get more organized and not lose my work.I also have many other plans to do but to get organized is my main goal to do next year.

Anonymous said...

My plan for junior high is:

1. To be organized
2.To get good grades
3. To make the volley ball team
4. And to read more than I read now because if Mom lets me read that Stephen King book I'll read it every day.

Anonymous said...

I think the book is called Duma Key.

Anonymous said...

My other plans are...
1. Get organized
2. Make the volley ball team
3. Make the basket ball team
4. Read a big book (Duma Key because Mom says it's a really scary book)
5. Get all A

Mr. McGuire said...


The key is in the details. What are you doing now, that you need to do next year in order to be successful?

Anonymous said...

My plan is to:

1. Be organized.
2. Have a folder for every subject in a binder.
3. Make the Volley Ball team.
4. Get good grades.
5. And read even bigger books than I read now=D

Anonymous said...

my plans are::
1. To get good grades
2. Get my hair layered and fixed the way I
want it for 7th grade, so I am happy.
3. Be Organized
4. To finish reading the whole entire Stephanie Meyer series from now to before school is let back in on 7th grade.
5. Make the cheer squad, trying my best even though I have to get braces the same day and right before tryouts.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have a folder for every subject have a organized locker definitly a biggie I want to be prepared for seventh grade.

Anonymous said...

My plan is the same as Dimitri's, although I might not be as organized as I am without one all so important person. My mom, she has always taught us to be organized, get our work done and most importantly one saying, "School comes first". I like that my mom has taught us this, it had helped prepare us and all of us, (my sister, brother and I) have been successful in school. Another thing that she always says is that college isn't an option, we are going. So we can get a degree, good job and live a successful life. Although my dad didn't go to college, he wants us to go to, because you could say he is lucky that he got a good job, but he cant go anywhere else and get a job without a degree. Also, my dad has to work every day for at minimum 12 hours, I admire his hard work!!

That is my plan and like I pointed out up there, if you have good preparation, it isn't that hard to stay organized.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go to middle school but I'm also scared because my mom went to this school and she told me that the 8th graders like to play pranks on th new 7th graders like putting stuff in you're lockers that can get you in trouble or if it gets to extreme they put drugs in you're locker. I HOPE I'm not a target.

Anonymous said...

The way I will react next year all depends on how I act. If I am messy than I'm UN-organized. I fI am clean then I am organized.

My major goal is to become a great learner and not make it so tough on my new teachers.

There will be a new school and new faces. But lots of fun.

I just want to thank all my teachers this year, at mmy old school and new because all of them have taught me a lot.

Anonymous said...

1.To get good grades
2.To be organized
3.To pay good attention in class
4.To get all class and homework turned in on time
5.To do what your doing this year pretty much

Anonymous said...

I know I'm going to organized. I have to or else I won't find anything!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get the Question..............