Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gov. Says Time to Change Education in Ohio

Gov. Ted Strickland proposed numerous changes in education in the state of Ohio. During his State of the State address on Tuesday, January 27, he discussed lengthening the school year, all-day kindergarten for all schools, more rigorous training for teachers, switching from the high school graduation test to the ACT, and a new method of school funding.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, this transformational plan would be phased in over eight years. The educational system would be "evidence-based" using established research to determine what constitutes an adequate education. School funding would be based on what it takes to instruct students based on the cost to provide an effective education.

This redesign of Ohio schools would be based on a goal of creating a 21st century educational system. The school year would eventually be 20 days longer. Tutoring for at-risk students would be increased. Fundamental changes in school funding were proposed including allowing districts to pass a special kind of levy that would allow revenues to reflect changes in property valuation.

Stiffer accountability for schools was a main point of Strickland's proposals. Mentoring, peer reviews, and coaching for teachers was suggested. In addition, teachers would have to spend a four year residency before receiving their teaching license. School administrators would have the ability to fire teachers for good cause.

When Strickland was elected over two years ago, many questioned his campaign promise to address the needs of Ohio's educational system. This State of the State Address clearly shows that he is ready to make good on his promises. Now the question arises, with the financial crisis facing Ohio, can he make help the schools in Ohio prepare for the 21st century.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think that it would be a good idea to do that. I don't want to have to do that though.

Mr. McGuire said...

To do what????????? Where are specific details to support your comment? There is not enough information to understand.

Anonymous said...

I want to keep the whole summer. Every summer I go to Flordia. I would rather go two extra hours. I would also rather go on saturdays.

Anonymous said...

I hope we don't have to go 2 hours extra and Saturdays.Or all year around. The reason I think that is not a vary good idea is because the school will have to use more money on gas,food and supplies for class rooms. I hope we don't have to I enjoy summer brakes.

Anonymous said...

The only reason we don't have school in the Summer is because back in the old days the kids worked on the farm all day and used to go to school in the winter. Now days kids don't work in the Summer or winter. And the Government never changed anything.

Anonymous said...

I think that it would be better to go to school 2 hours extra or on Saturdays. I think that we should keep our summers off because most people go on vacation. The parents that work usually take days off during the summer to go on vacation because the weather is good. I think that our school is long enough, but I think that if we go to school longer students will do better on the achievement tests. I hope we do not lose are summers because I really enjoy my time off.

Anonymous said...

In Australia the school year is divided into four terms which runs from late January/early February until December. There is a short holiday between terms and a long summer holiday in December and January.

Students attend school from Monday to Friday each week. School hours vary slightly across Australia but are generally from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm each school day.

When they say "school year around" it does not mean everyday. You still get the same amount of days off but it is spead out though the year. Like when flu season begins they take days of so kids wont be missing as much school. For all of those that go on vaction you can still go but this time you can go in the winter.

Mr. McGuire said...


Excellent points! The number of days does not change, just when you would go to school. I think going year around would be a much better idea.

However, Gov. Strickland has proposed that the school year be increased by two days every year until we would go 20 more days each year.

Anonymous said...

20 more days??? I could not stand it. Kids (and teachers) need a break once in a while. I would rather go an hour longer each day. I feel really sorry for the kids that have to go 20 extra days. Why do we need 21 century schools? Kids got along fine a long time ago.