Thursday, January 21, 2010

Student Blog Rubric

As the grading period ends, Student blogs must be assessed.  For those striving for excellence, here is the expectation.

Student Blog Rubric

Basis for Scoring

--------------------= =

4 or A

  • Concise (3 -4 paragraphs) with a specific focus
  • Shares thoughts, ideas, or opinions
  • Opening grabs the readers' attention while introducing the point of the post
  • Specific details support the main idea
  • Has a "So What?", theme, lesson, or specific point that attracts the readers' attention
  • Demonstrates detailed understanding of the blog topic
  • Positive tone engages the reader
  • Picture that supports post with attribution
  • Spelling, punctuation, and capitalization is correct

The rest of the rubric can be found at The Reading Workshop Blog Rubric.

For examples of students' blogs that earned a 4, check out these sites:
Hannah's Hideout
Hadley's Planet
Ian's Corner
Bethanie's Word
Hannah's Hangout
Katey's Corner
Kaitlyn's Cave


Rachael J. said...


Mr.McGuire,I miss laurelville SOOO much. You need to come over and tell my Language Arts teacher this. She does not understand this. She does not grade like this at all. I think that she just writes down a random grade on our papers.

Just tell your students to hang on to laurelville, because they turn it all around when you are in middle school.

Mr. McGuire said...


I am glad to hear that you miss us, but keep plugging away. There is stardom in your future. Don't let a blip in the radar get you down. I know that there are many 4's in your future!