Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Reading Strategies, Connect with Your Book

Good readers constantly make connections. As they read each paragraph, each page, each chapter, they relate it to their life.

Making connections to things the reader already knows helps understand what they are reading and relate to the characters and events more deeply. The purpose of connecting with text is to help use what the reader already knows to understand new information.

Here are the start to connections.

This is similar to my life . . .
This is different from my life . . .
Something like this happened to me when . . .
This reminds me of . . .
This relates to me . . .
When I read this I felt . . .

This reminds me of another book I’ve read . . .
This is similar to another thing I read . . .
This different from another book I read . . .
This character is similar/different to  another character  . . .
This setting is similar/different to an other setting . . .
This problem is similar/different to the problem in  . . .

This reminds me of the real world . . .
This book is similar to things that happen in the real world  . . .
This book is different from things that happen in the real world . . .

Students, as you read today, what connections did you have?

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Tyler B. said...

I think I connect with my book Comeback Kids.

These are my connections:

1.This is similar to my life because I love playing basketball.

2.This is also similar to my life because Pedro is 12 years old like me.

3.This character is similar to another character because they both like playing basketball.

4. Comeback Kids reminds me of the real word because a lot of people like to play basketball.

Shaylee said...

I think I connect with my book Snarf Attack, Underfoodle and the secret of life.

These are my connections:

1. This is different to my life because I don't have adventures everyday.

2. This reminds me of when I was little I always liked to pretend or try to have some type of adventure.

3. This is different from another book I read because this book is about having fun and going on adventures, the other book was about tough situations they were in.

Brandon C. said...

While I read The Car, I was thinking "Terry and his friends are different from me because when they figured out where they was headed, they just went. I couldn't do that, I would have to find out where we are going on a map."

Waylon (Terry's friend) is similar to me because he asks a lot of questions, like I do when I am curious.

This book reminds me of another book called The Juvie Three, because in both books three kids are basically living on their own.

This book is different from The Juvie Three, because the three kids in The Juvie Three didn't have a choice of where they are are going. In The Car they do have a choice.

Nathan N. said...

I am reading the book Vill@in.net Council of Evil. It is like other books and also the world.

This book is like other books by:
The book Hero.com is almost just like it,in both books the main character has super powers.

It is also like the Harry Potter books. It is like them by in both of them they can perform powers like nobody can.

This book is also like the real world by people run away from home more and more every day.

Cody L said...

As I read The 39 Clues#5,The Black Circle is almost similar to my life because in The 39 Clues Amy and Dan grandma Grace died from cancer just like my grandma did.

The 39 Clues remind me of another book I read called Wishbone because both books are based on mystery just different kind of mystery.

remind me of the real world because everywhere Amy and Dan go there going to places like Japan,Egypt,and China.

Codyk said...

I have some connections with my book Hero.com. It is different from my life.

This book is different from my life because Hero.com doesn't exits.

This book is like the book Villain.net because it has the same characters in it and they have super powers.

It is like the the Harry Potter books because there is powers and wizards in the books.

This book is like the real world because people run away from people that are trying to hurt them and people kidnap people.

Andrew S said...

I am reading the book Bystander.
This is a book I can relate to because it talks about Eric's dad leaving him and his mom and brother behind. When I read this I thought of what my life would be like in the place Eric is in an how it would fell. This book reminds me of the book Savvy.

Branden M said...

Some connections I have with

*This book relates to me because Michael and I both played baseball.

*This book reminds me of the time I was pitcher for my baseball team.

*This book is similar to a thing I read because they both are about achieving your dreams.

*This book has some similar things that happen in the real world like Michael is just a regular boy that plays baseball.

*When I read this book I felt like the authors meaning for writing this book was to tell the reader to never give up on your dreams.

destiny said...

These are a few ways I could relate to my book.

1)If I was Bex I would have slapped Macey already.

2) I wish my school was like their school accept that the boys and girls all go to the same school because who would make the boys mad and who would make the girls.

3) When I read that A new teacher was coming It reminded me of all the times I had a new teacher and how I felt.

4) Wow, If my life was like Cammie's I would be the happiest girl until Macey came she reminds me of some girls I know only there not rich.

5)When I read this I thought wow if I was as smart of Lis.

Hannah Hop said...

I am reading Takeoffs and Landings written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This book has two main characters, Chuck and Lori, and I can make connections with them both.
1. It is different from my life because Lori never sees her mom and I do.
2.It is similar to my life when Lori has an attitude because I can get an attitude really easy.
3.When they said that Lori doesn't talk about her dad, it made me think that if my dad died, it would probably hurt to talk about him.
4.This book reminds me of another book by Margarete Peterson Haddix called Escape From Memory because both of the girls never see their moms and they both lost their dad at a young age.
5.This is completely different from a book I read called You Never Did Learn To Knock because in that book the girls talk to their moms and dads a lot and they have the perfect lives.
6.It reminds me of the real world when Chuck says "But still there was not one blade of grass"talking about a mall because if you think about the Lancaster mall you never see grass around it.

7.When I read this book I was surprised because Lori and Chuck never see their mom, and I would be so upset if I only saw my mom one day every two months!

8.In the book Highly Overrated , there is a boy just like Chuck, he is fat and dumb and is never treated right.

In this book I can make a lot of connections. You should really read this book!

Kelsey said...

This book is different from what happens in the real world...

In this book serious the world ends. These people have no place to go. They don't even know where they're at. What planet they're on, no food to eat. Their names are 2face and Jobs. They have been walking trying to find out where they're at and what happened to them.

In the real world none of this has happened the world has not ended or anything like that. In this world we have stores, vehicles, schools, elctronict devises and a lot more.

zach D said...

How the book I am reading connections to me.

This is different from my life because I am not a spy. This is also different from my life because I don't have a SpyPad. Another way this book is different to my life is when I am on vacation, I don't get pulled up by a helicopter to go to a mission. to the Great Icy Pole.

This book relates to me because I have a electric guitar. Zac has one too and he like to play his all night. I like to play my electric guitar all night too.

Garrett said...

I have some connections in my book that I'm reading. The book is called Holes.
One connection is when Stanly goes to Camp Green Lake in the dessert reminds me of the White Fox chronicles when they go to the dessert. When Stanly said he was innocent and no one believed him made me think of when I told everyone I was innocent when something in our house went missing and no one believed me. When Stanly was first digging into the dirt he hated it, well it made me think of when me my dad dugout a big line in our yard to put in a electric fence for our dog.

Beth E. said...

While I was reading Bad News/ Good News these are some of the connections I had....

One connection is when one of the girls in the book was mad at all of her friends. This is similar to my life. I sometimes get mad at my friends. But like in the book we always find a way to be friends again.

Another connection I had was when all the girls went out dancing. This is different from my life. I do not like to go to dances. The only way I would go to one is if I was dragged there by one of my friends!

Jimmy C. said...

The book I am reading Shredderman Secret Identity book #1.
The reason this book relates to me because when I was little I always wanted to be a spy and Nolan is spying on Bubba Bixby.Bubba is a bully at Nolan's school and he had a flip-o-Rama at lunch.He would look at the teachers and then he would look at the littler kids and put his fingers under the lip of the tray. Flipped them over and orange slices splashed in the kids eyes.I think that this book relates to me because when Nolan is spying on Bubba he really wants to catch him in the act.
Today during SSR time I read that Nolan got Bubba in the act.

Nash C. said...

I am reading Star Wars Republic Commando: True Colors. Some of the connections I had with the book are:

1. This book is like Star Wars: A New Hope because there is a group of people rebelling against their government.

2.This book reminds me of the real world because their are wars and terrorist attacks

3.This book is different from the real world because we don't have advanced weaponry like them.

Cierra D said...

While I was reading Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban I had some connections, here they are.

One connection is when Harry was out on the sidewalk and the bus came just when he needed it. That is similar to my life because just when I need help something always shows up to help me (well usually).

Another connection is when Harry's cousin Dudley always gets they best things from Harry's point of view. I can make a connection with this because it always seems like my cousins get the really cool stuff it also seems like my sisters get the really cool stuff too.

A third connection is when Harry had to make a deal with his Uncle Vernon just to get what he wants. I have to make deals with my sisters and parents just to get what I want.

joeyp said...

In the book I'm reading Drive By I cant really connect with my book that much. But we do have a few things in common we both live in a small town,we have pretty much the same home life. We have the same home life because at his house one parent is always home the other is working.

Hannah Hart. said...

Today as I read my book Double Identity, I could make many connections.

Here are my connections to Double Identity:

*The main character Bethany relates to me because she is also 12.

*When I read today I felt amazed because I never would have imagined someone with four different birth certificates.

*Today I thought how this book is so different from my life because, I don't think that anything that Bethany is going that I would ever go through.

Katie H said...

I'm reading Chasing Yesterday. It connects to my life because . . .

Most of the connections in the book I'm reading don't happen that often or at all. I can't relate to Chasing Yesterday very well because she is trying to get away from a doctor that is filling her head with information that is not true. The only part I can relate to is the fact the J.D has a very good friend and I do too. A gang of kids were going to invite J.D and Daniel to stay with them and they were weary on weather they should stay. I can say I feel the same way some times because I don't know weather I can trust some people.

Bethany K. said...

The book I an reading is called Vet Volunteers #4. I have some connections in the book I an Reading:

1. This relates to me because we both care for animals.

2. We both have not been to Florida.

3. This reminds me of all the people who saves peoples lives.

4. This is different from my life because I do not really get to go to any big places to save, look and work with animals or manatees.

5. When I read a few of the chapters I felt sad because one of the manatees got hit by a boat.

6. This reminds me of another book I have read because the book also had a lot to do with saving animals.

Ian L. said...

I am reading Guts by Gary Paulson and this book connects to me because it reminds me of my friend Dylan Tipton because he goes hunting and fishing a lot. This is different from my life because I don't go hunting or fishing but I would like too and I have not got attacked by any kind of animal and I hope I never get attacked by one. When I read this book I was surprised that so many things that were in Hatchet happened in Gary Paulson's life. This book reminds me of the real world because people could relate if they ran dog races or got attacked by an animal. These or the connections that my book are to me and the world.

Hadley said...

In the book I am reading Fat Camp , there are situations I can relate to (text-to-self/text-to-world):

Fat Camp is about a girl who struggles with her image. I can relate to that because every person(including me) has something that they are uncomfortable about, including weight issues. Some people are embarrassed of the size of their head or that their hair is messed up, when to a friend, they look like a star.

Cam, the main character, also deals with her parents thinking that she is obese and they aren't on her side. I cannot relate to this, but a lot of kids' parents will face them with a problem and then not help them solve it.

Cam also has a novelist mother who's book is being made into a movie so Cam's parents can't make it to visiting day. Again, I can't really relate to this, but I know that parents cannot make it to events that their kids participate in because of work.

Cam is sometimes in a difficult situation. Like when her friends are interested in boys, and Cam is stuck in the middle. Now this I can relate to. Sometimes friends will want to do something bad, that I know I'm not supposed to be doing.

Rylee C said...

As I was reading the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days I was thinking of the connections this book had to my life. I really didn't find any connections except for the following ones I am going to mention.

As I was reading this book the first connection I thought of is that Greg and I are both similar because we both can sit through a whole horror movie without really being scared. Another connection I had is that we both are always looking for ways to make money. The last connection I had with this book is that both Greg and I sometimes gets in fights with friends or in his case his one friend, then a day or a week later we're friends again. Like I said I really didn't have that many connections as you can see.

Rj .B. said...

I am reading the book The Spiderwick Chronicles # 1

There is this one character that I can kind of relate to.
His name is Jared.
And I can relate to him cause he is the brave one.
He is really cause he caught a "brownie"
a brownie is a troll but smaller.
He caught it by putting flour on the ground and then he got the "brownie's" footprint.
Jared's brother is really weird to me cause he has these mice in a jar and keeps them as his pets.
Jared is really sneaky though cause his mom said go to bed and he got back down stair's without his mom knowing.

JoshJ. said...

The connections I had to my book Stormbreaker are that Alex has the same color hair as me. We both like to explore, and travel. I also thought of how I felt when my great grandma died when his uncle died. I noticed that doesn't talk much, kind of like me. Something that he did that I would do is he went to see the car his uncle supposedly got in a crash with, I would do this because I would not believe it if I didn't see it. I also thought of my closest friend when he told of his and realized they are alike. Something that is different from us is that he is a spy I am not. He almost was killed in a junkyard, I have never even thought of being killed in a junkyard.

Eric D. said...

I connect with my book Warriors.

My connections are:

1.This reminds me of the SpiderWick Chronicles because a lot of weird things go on between the two books.

2.This is also different from another book I read because Diary of a Wimpy Kid talks about one character and his life and Warriors talks about different Clans and other cats.

Savannah M. said...

The connections that I have with my book and characters are.........

Primrose my character, and me make a connection by always fighting over the TV with someone and then getting mad about it. Some of the other connections I have with Primrose is that she is different in her own little way.

I have a connection with my book because it has a lot of adventures and excitement and my life has a lot of that. My book has a lot of problems but they always get fixed. Like my problems but I always fix them.

Kaitlyn C said...

I am reading Love & SK8 there are a lot of things that happen to this girl that I can relate to (text-to-self).

Love & SK8 is about this girl and her friends who love to skateboard. I can relate to that because I like to skateboard.

Another thing I can relate to myself from the book is that Angie (that's my main character's name) lives in a small town called Torren. I live in a small town. Angie also has problem's with the rich kids because when the rich kids look at Angie and her friends they think they are freaks, but that doesn't bother Angie and her friend's because they get use to it. Sometimes when people look at me they give me dirty looks or they think I am a freak but it doesn't bother me either I got use to it.

Angie is a really good artist and how I can relate that to my life is that I like to paint sometimes. But I'm not an artist.

Another way is that Angie wants to go to art college. I want to go to college but not art school.

Finally the last way I can relate to my book is that Angie met this boy and is playing hard to get and she really likes him and she thinks she is falling in love with this rich kid she just met and he is really nice and sweet. How I can relate to that is I really like this boy but I didn't play hard to get and he is really nice and sweet.