Monday, January 25, 2010

Reading Strategies, Ask Questions for Comprehension

Good readers must get inside the book.  For comprehension to occur, several reading strategies must take place simultaneously.  Students must connect with the book--the characters and the setting.

The reader must visualize, picturing events as they happen.  Predictions must be made, evaluated, revised, and then renewed.  Prior knowledge must be related and compared.  Students must constantly question the story, the characters, and the events.  When all of this happens at once, usually without the reader consciously thinking about it, comprehension happens.

One skill that is particularly important is asking questions.  Students must wonder, examine, doubt, and inquire as they read.

Examples of starts of questions might include:

How will the problem . . .
Why did she . . .
I wonder what will happen when . . .
Does this look like  . . .
Why did that character  . . .
How will she solve  . . .
Where are they going to  . . .
Who will be the one to  . . .
Why did the author . . .
Why didn't he  . . .
If I was there I wonder  . . .

Students, as you read today, what questions did you have?


Ian L. said...

As I read Wolf Rider I wondered why Andy Zadinski didn't tell his dad what he was doing and what happened towards the end of the book? I also wondered when Phil Lucas started to roll down a hill why he did not just hit the brakes to stop the car? I also wondered why Zeke would randomly call somebody when you are going to kill somebody or already have?

Josh J. said...

When I read Point Blank today I.... thought of what Alex will do to get away, Or what i would try to do if I was in his place? I also thought why didn't M16 help Alex when he signaled? I wondered what the people meant by "Gemini Project" and what was it about?
Then I thought how was Mrs. Stellenbosch faster then Alex? Or what they will do to him when he wakes up?
And my final most important question was,Does Alex have a clone?

Hannah C said...

Today as I read Refugees, I had some questions about this book. These questions are:

-Why did the author want to switch from one setting to the other?
-How will Dawn fix her problem?
-Does the prologue give me a hint of what is going to eventually happen?
-Will Dawn ever find a true home?
-How does Dawn find her way back home, if she ever decides to go back home.
-If I was in New York when the World Trade Centers crashed, would I have been scared like Dawn and Jude?
-How is Victor taking the run-away by Dawn?
-Is the picture in my head of Dawn really what the author wanted the readers to picture?
-Was it destiny that Dawn talked to Johar on the phone?
- When will Louise come back from Pakistan?

These are some of the questions I had when I was reading this book.

Savannah M. said...

The book that I'm reading is called Eggs I like this book because It makes you wonder what's going to happen next.

I wonder what will happen when the boys fortune comes true.
What will happen when the girl grows up?
Why does the girl live in the van?
If I was in his place I would be scared.
Is she really dead or not?
How do they go to get food?

clint said...

My book is the car trip it is a good book. When I am reading, I wonder where they are going? How far did they go because they went to a beach. Where is that beach? They said they were going down south. Where down south? What will they do at the beach? Only the dad and boy went. Why didn't the mom go to the beach? They look like they are having fun because they are splashing in the water.

ChristianC said...

The book I'm reading is called Star Wars : The Rise And Fall Of Darth Vader.My questions is why did Anakin Skywalker turn to Dark side? Another questions is why did Anakin betray Obi-Wan? Last questions is why did Anakin listen to Palpatine to killed Dooku?

MicahL22 said...

As I read Silver Fin, I had a couple of questions about the book. James Bond is the main character in my book if you know who he is.

My questions are:

1. What is Silver Fin?
2. Why did James go to a new school?
3. Where are James mom and dad?
4. Does James even have any parents?
5. Why did James live with his aunt?
6. Does James really have to live in a tiny room for half his live?
7. Why is James in England?
8. Why is James so confused?
9. What type of school does James go to?
10. Who is the person who is the one running Silver Fin (who is the main bad guy)?

Kaitlyn C said...

As I read Love & SH8 ,I had several questions about what happened.
* Why did Sally yell at Angie for wanting to go to college?
*How did Angie become so good with girfetty?
* Why did Buzz like Angie so much?
*Why did the author make the story about this girl who loves skateboarding?
*Why is everyone so afrid of Angie?
*Why do the rich snoby girls think they are better than anyone in the book?
*Why did the author make them live in a town that is all old and ugly,and small?
*If I was there I wounder if the people in the book would like me?

R.J. B. said...

While I was reading Spiderwick Chronicles #1

I was wondering what the poem in the book meant ?

Why is he nervous ?

And I was wondering why is he going by himself ?

And did he really do that or not ?

Why are they doing that ?

Is someone really up there ?

Karly said...

As I read Taylor Swift Country's Sweet Heart I was thinking many things and I have some questions:

1.Why does the record dealers take so long to decide if she makes it?

2.Why did everyone at Taylors old school be mean to her?

3.I wonder if I was at her old school if they would treat me poorly?

4.I wonder if they were jealous of Taylor since they were mean to her?

5.Did it ever change how they treated her?

6.Why didn't she tell her mom about the kids at school?

7.Where did she play Sandy off of Grease at?

8.Does Taylor have a brother because she keeps talking about a kid/guy?

9.I wonder if she learned to play a guitar that quick from the computer guy?

10.How did Taylor handle being at school?

Tyler B. said...

As I read Comeback Kids I wondered.

These are my questions:

1. Why did Pedro run against Ned for class president?

2. Who will win class president?

3.Why does Ned thinks he is the best at everything?

4.I wonder what will happen when Ned finds out Pedro ran for class president?

5. Will Ned and Pedro stay friends?

6.Will Pedro tell his family he ran for class president?

7.Why did Pedro start liking basketball?

Joanna J. said...

As i read the book Hoot I have several questions about the book.

* I wonder if officer Delinko is going to find out what happen to his car?

* Why does Mullet Fingers have no where to live?

* I wonder why it goes to one setting to another? For example when its talking about Roy, Mullet fingers, Dana and Beatrice.... then it starts talking about Officer Delinko and the Mother paulas pancake house.

* Why did Roy find the running boy so.. interesting?

Andrew S said...

In the book Bystander I had questions like:

*Why was the kid running away?

*And who was he running away from?

*Why dose Griffin want the basketball so much?

*Who is the boy that left the basketball in the grass?

Hannah Hop said...

As I read Takeoffs and Landings by Margaret Peterson Haddix I had a lot of questions. My questions were:

1.Why did Lori's dad die?
2.Why does Chucks mom make speeches?
3.Will Loris mom punish her?
4.Why do Lori and Chuck live with Gram and Pop?
5.Does Chuck hate his mom too?
6.How does Lori's mom find her?
7.Why does Lori's mom embarrass her?
8.Is Chuck embarrassed too?
9.Do they have a lot of money?
10.Is Lori popular?
11.If Lori is so pretty, why is Chuck ugly?
12. If their mom has enough money to travel every day, why do they live on a farm?
13.How old is Emma?
14.Will Lori and her mom get along?
15. How will they be together for a week?
16.Do Gram and Pop treat Chuck badly?
17.Will Lori leave before her moms trip is over?
18. Why does Lori straight-up tell her mom that she hated her speech?
19.What does Lori do for chores?
20.Will Lori get Chuck to be on her side?
21. Will Chucks past catch up to him and will her be upset?
22.How long ago did Lori and Chuck's dad die?
23.Will Lori blame herself for her moms mistakes?

Codyk said...

As I was reading Rise of the Heroes I had some questions.

1. Will Toby's Mom be okay?
2. Will Pete's sister Emily be alright?
3. Is Toby's sister Lorna alive?
4. Will Toby and Pete beat Doc Tempest? and get Toby's Mom back and Pete's sister back?
5. Will Toby's dad come home?
6. Will Toby's family rebuild their house?
7. Will Toby and Pete find Doc Tempest base?

Shaylee said...

As I read Snarf Attack;Underfoodle and the secret of life I had a lot of questions.
Here are some of my questions:

1. Why did the Riot Brothers want to catch a criminal?

2. Who was the lady at the bank they caught?

3. Why did they try to make each other laugh at the table?

4. Why did the author decide to write in first person?

5. Why did they make every kid pay a quarter for lessons?

6. Why did they want to spray paint their lollipops gold?

Justin G. said...

I'm reading the book called Chasing Yesterday. When
I read it I wonder:

1.Why is the Daniel helping her find her parents because of her memory lost?
2.Where is she going to go next when her "mom" takes her from the center?
3.Why is J.D. so protective of people she don't know that well but will help them out?
4.Why don't J.D. actually believe that the women is her real mother?
5.Is the women going to take her or is J.D. not going to let her or want to?
6.What all is J.D. and the Daniel going to do if she don't go with her mom because she don't think it is her mom, what all will they do to try to find her real mom?
7.Why does everyone have to pick on Daniel and J.D.
8.Is that is her real mom?
9.If J.D. stays in the center will Daniel still be her friend or is he not going to like her because she didn't go with her "mom"?

Kelsey said...

As I read Remnants I found some questions!!

Why do they call her 2face?

What does Hibernation Berth mean?

Why and how did the earth end?

Why did Jobs take a five hundred year nap?

Where are they?

What planet are they on?

How do they not know where they are at or if they are alive or if they are dreaming?

Can I answer these questions as I read on?

Brandon C. said...

As I read The Car I thought “What does Samuels House look like?” The book said that it was a dump but was still trying to picture it.

“What does Babe (the motorcycle) look like?” I read that she was the most beautiful bike you will ever see. I still wanted more details.

“Where are the boys going?” I read that they were going north, south, and Samuels house. It was kind of confusing.

“Why did the author switch dates so many times?” The dates switched between the Cival War, present, and Vietnam. Sometimes I don't know where I am at

Nathan N. said...

As I was reading the book 1 Council of Evil I had some questions.

1)Is this book like the book
2)What is Jake's super power called?
3)Why does it tell us about a beach first instead of the alarm clock waking Jake?
4)How old is Jake?
5)Why didn't they tell us who

Justin P. said...

These are the questions I have for the book Killing Mr. Griffin:

1. Why do they want to scare Mr. Griffin?
2. Why do most of the students despise him?
3. Why do the students want to blame the class President for the murder threat?
4. Why does Mr. Griffin give them an F if the skipped one question by mistake?
5. Why did Mr. Griffin have his student make a song?
6. I wonder if the four students are really going to kill Mr. Griffin.
7. Why did Mr. Griffin already determine Jeff's grade as an F.

Kennedy said...

I am reading the book called Bang and here are some questions that I have.

1. Why does Kee-lee want to drop out of school?

2. What will happen if they can never get over the fact that Jason is gone?

3. When will narrator 1 be able to walk through the front door ware his brother got shot?

4. Why do people always have to get killed for no reason?

5. Why wont narrator 1 show how he feels?

6. I wounder why they are so negative about thing?

7. I wounder why they keep on thinking that every one in the town is going to get killed?

8. Why is narrator 1 dad always mad?

9. What is narrator 1 name?

10.Is Kee-lee going to get killed

Terry W said...

as I was reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid I have some question?

1.Why Is Rodrick always mean to Greg?

2.Why does the setting go from school to home or to the swimming meeting place?

3.Why is Manny always trying to get Greg in trouble?

4.Why is it that Greg is always in the story?

5.Why is Greg always get in trouble and not Rodrick?

6.Why is Greg always make Rowley come over?

And these are my questions.

Cierra D said...

1. While I was reading Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban I wondered why Harry's Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon dislike Harry so much?

2. Why don't Harry Potters friends send him very many letters?

3. Why does Harry need to send Hedwig away while his Aunt Marge is there?

4. Why does Professor Mcgonagall make Harry have his Uncle Vernon if she knows how Harry is going to be treated?

5. Why would Hagrid send such a dangerous book with Hedwig?

6. Will Harry get to go to London with Ron and Hermione?

7. How will Professor Snape treat Harry this year?

8. Does Harry have his wand with him the whole beginning or not?

9. How does Harry pick the lock with his wand or does he pick it with something else?

Bethany K. said...

As I was reading the book Vet volunteers #3 I was asking myself some questions:

1. What is going to happen if David gets to ride Trickster?

2. Will David get in trouble with Mr. Quinn when or if David gets to ride Trickster?

3. Will Trickster fully recover?

4. Will Mr Quinn Forget about Starfire or will he sill be thinking of her?

4. Will anything happen to David when he or if he gets to ride Trickster?

5. Will any other sickness or harm spread at the barn?

6. Will Davide and Mr. Quinn get along next time they meet?

7. Will Mr. Quinn get another horse to replace Starfire?

8. Will any thing happen to the girls?

9. Is Brenna going to be okay?

10. Will David get in trouble with his mom for sneaking out to go to the barn?

11. What will happen to David if he gets caught behind the barn?

Kasi R. said...

As I was reading the book Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince I had many questions.

1.Why can Harry not sleep?

2.Why is Dumbledore taking Harry to his friends house?

3.Why are all of Harry's stuff spread out all around his bedroom?

4.Why did Snape promise to watch over Draco at Hogwarts?

5.Why does Harry not want to keep his godfather's house?

6.Why is Dumbledore talking to
Harry's aunt and uncle so long?

7.Why is Harry's aunt and uncle so afraid of Dumbledore?

8.What is Dumbledore talking to Harry's aunt and uncle about and why?

9.I wonder how upset Harry still is with his godfather's death?

10.Does Harry's friend know he is coming to his house to stay for the rest of the summer?

Destiny P said...

I am reading Twilight and here is some of my questions, I have from today's reading time

1. What is Bella going to do next after school?
2. Is Bella going to get close with her dad?
3. Is Charlie going to spend a lot more time with Bella?
4. When is Bella going to move back with her mom?
5. Is Bella going to stay the rest of the year with her dad?
6. Will Bella get use to Forks?
7. Will Bella like her new school?
8. Will Bella like the Cullen's ?
9. who well Bella like better Mike or Edward?
10. Who is going to be her best friend?

joey p said...

I am reading Drive By and I have some questions.

Why won't the main character tell the Cops what he saw?
What's the main characters name?
How old is the main character?
Why is the gang after the main characters family?

Beth E. said...

As I read the book Bad News/Good News these are the questions I had:
1. Will Charlotte have to move to England?
2. Can the beacon street girls ever be friends again?
3. Will Charlotte make it on the newspaper?
4. Can Meave finish her blanket project on time?
5. Will Dillon ask Meave to dance?
6. Does Riley like Meave?
7. Will Isabel ever join the beacon street girls?
8. What will happen to Marty?
9. Can they convince Charlotte's dad to stay?
10. Will Meave's mother ever stop treating her like a child?
11. Can Katani learn to forgive Meave?
12. Is Avery going to the dance with Dillon?
13. Why does Katani not like Isabel?
14. Does Isabel like Gordie?

Hannah Hart. said...

As I read my book Double Identity today I had many questions. Here are some-

-When will Bethany's dad call again?

-When is the next time Bethany will see her Mom?

-Is her Mom ever going to stop crying?

-What is going to happen after the conversation when Joss called Bethany Elizabeth?

-Were are Bethany's parents?

-When will Bethany and her Mom and Dad go back home?

-Is Bethany going to find out more about Elizabeth?

-Why does Elizabeth look so much like Bethany?

-Did Myrlie really move after her husbands death, or did she lie to Bethany?

-Why is Bethany's Father worried about Bethany's safety?

- Why didn't Bethany's parents go to Tom's funeral?

-Why didn't Bethany's Mom go to her own mother's funeral?

Jimmy C. said...

During SSR time I read Shredderman Secret Identity book #1

(1)I wonder what will happen when Nolan gets all of his pictures taken of Bubba and his schemes?

(2)What is Bubba going to do when he finds out who Shredderman is?

(3)Will Nolan ever turn in his project that he had to turn in?

Nathan's step Mom said...

I had to answer some questions for my son.

1)What hopes and dreams does your family have for you? We hope that my son has a good and long life, healthy.

2)What challenges are ahead of you (stairs to climb)?Challenges that he should go through is to keep up his good grades.

3)What do your parents want to see you accomplish? We want to see him graduate school and get a good job.

4)How do they picture a better life for you? I picture a better life for him by not treating him like junk like his reel mom.

5)Do they see your life ahead half full or half empty? I see life as half full.

6)What successes do they hope for in your future? I hope to see my son have very good grades and to be healthy.

darren said...

Questions about White Fang

1.Why did he race in the iditarod race
2.Why did he have A dog that was part wolf.
3.Why did white Fang not like his owner.
4.Why did his old owner take him to dog fights.
5.Why did he give white fang away.
6.Why does white fang like his new owner.
7.Why would his new owner give him a pace of meat when he was good