Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Super Teacher, EEEERRRR Maybe Not

It was the first day of school, and like every teacher, this Super Teacher wanted to get things started off right.  You know, start the year with a BANG!  I needed to get kids involved and motivated.  Reading Workshop was going to be THE CLASS!

With a little time on Youtube, I found a great video that featured Nick Vujicic.  I knew this would grab students' attention.  And then there was the read aloud of Swear to Howdy.  Even the most reluctant student would be engaged after the first chapter of this book.  I would rap it up with a motivational speech about putting forth a lot of effort, don't worry about mistakes, just keep trying.

 The power went out for about an hour, right as we started class.  So much for my great plan. Even when it came back on, there was no Internet service for the rest of the day.  So much for the awesome video.

The read aloud went as planned until the discussion.  Seth raised his hand and said, "Mr. McGuire, is your shirt on inside out?"  So unbelievable, but so true.  And so much for my day as Super Teacher.  This poor guy can't even get dressed right.

The best part was the response.  All of the students, teachers, and Mrs. Scott, the Principal got a good laugh.  And to top it off, the next morning 3/4 of my class showed up with their shirts on inside out.  Obviously, another great start to a great year for Super Teacher.  :)

Image Inside Out Shirt courtesy of donnyb.


Wesley Fryer said...

Your willingness to share stories like this, even when you are not feeling like a tech wizard, marks you as a great teacher. Thanks for the share and your willingness to provide a window into this humbling start to the school year!

Hannah Caudill said...

Way to go Mr. McGuire!!!!!!!!!! :) Oh and how do you like your new students?! They aren't as good as my class was (I mean is :)) are they?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Mr. McGuire said...

Mr Fryer,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Now that I have set the standard, I am sure my students will be able to take chances, make a few mistakes, learn from them, and succeed in the end. After all, I have put my shirt on right every day since. :)

Mr. McGuire said...

Hey Hannah,

Your class was filled with stars, but after the way this one has started, they may pass you by.

Keep writing and I will visit your blog!