Thursday, April 10, 2008

Journal Responses that Count

Margaret Peterson HaddixDouble Identity
Each day I read aloud from a fictional book. Currently, I am reading Double Identity written by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This story features the main character, Bethany, that unexpectedly gets dropped off at an aunt's house that she didn't even know existed.

Students journaled about the topic, "If I was Bethany." Here are samples from students' work.

Journal Writing StudentKari W.
Why did they keep Elizabeth a secret? They should have told me a long time ago. It's not like I would have been too disappointed. I wouldn't be crying all the time like Mom. I would like to know this kind of stuff. Are they keeping more secrets from me? If so why don't they tell me? I thought parents were supposed to tell their kids everything.

Journal Writing StudentKyah H. Bethany is a girl who has been spoiled since she was a little girl. Her life was great until one day she was dropped off at a relative's house. She never met this relative and her parents are leaving her with Aunt Myrlie. All of these things are happening in the book Double Identity.

Journal Writing StudentKatie W.
I'm kind of mad at my parents for keeping a secret from me for thirteen years. I also feel bad for them because their daughter died. I don't know what to feel right now. I mean I never thought that they'd keep something like that from me. I'm just confused. First Mom calls and keeps saying I'm Elizabeth, then Myrlie tells me Elizabeth is my sister who died. Since they kept that from me I can't help but think what else could they have kept from me?

Journal Writing StudentBaylie M.
I feel like my stomach and insides are coming up through my throat. I also feel like I have known Elizabeth for a long time. I just wish that my parents would have told me sooner so I would not have to come here to Myrlie's. I'm wandering why my parents didn't tell me about my sister. I am afraid to sleep, now that I'm wondering about Elizabeth. The more I wonder the more I feel like it's my fault for Elizabeth's death. Now I know why my mom was saying, “Elizabeth don't go to that amusement park. I fear that something bad is going to happen.”

Journal Writing StudentMicah L.
I feel lost, like no one is watching over me. I feel alone stuffed in a box that someone sits on. I don't know what to do. Nothing is helping. I away feel so depressed. I can't keep my head straight. My dad will not talk to me and I'm weirded out about my parents.

Journal Writing Student Molly V.
Today, I found out that I had a sister, whose name is Elizabeth. I still don't understand. What I don't understand is why have my parents kept this from me? I don't understand why they haven't told me all these years.

Journal Writing StudentShayna T.
Shayna had an excellent example that must be in some folder far, far, away, never to be seen again. The closest anyone can figure, the journal thieves got it. If they are brought to justice, then maybe her writing can join that of her peers.

These are excellent examples getting into the character. Way to go girls! Oh, by the way, the boys did this assignment too. Hopefully we can showcase their work soon (which will happen as soon as they step it up).


Anonymous said...

I look weird. I didn't want to be on blog.

Anonymous said...

I think it's nice that all girls are on the blog for once. Oh and Dillon it's not our fault that girls can write better journals than you or any other boy.

Anonymous said...

Girls are smart. They are really smart. smarter than guys. I have proof! on the blog. Girls are better than guys!

Anonymous said...

Good job Katie, Kari, Molly, Micah, Kyah, Baylie, and Shayna
on the journals but the next time when we do another journal the boys will try to be on the blog, well uh, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

Good job guys that is really good. I think you really deserve it. Keep it up and you will be very successful.

Shelby C

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Did you lose your journal Shay? Just a guess.

Anonymous said...

I saved my paragraph in the folder! someone must have erased it! If you find it put it on there please!

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good job for all u people u all did really good!!

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Bree, It is hard not to use Text form. but it's "YOU" when you are in school, no myspace as in "U". It is a lot easier in text form though!

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Good job girls=D It is pretty funny when none of the guys get put on the blog but no offense!