Friday, April 4, 2008

Just Suggest It

Thanks to those that have commented in response to the survey. If you haven't commented yet, please jump in there on the survey post. In response to some well-thought out advise, I am going to try to update more frequently and include more student work. I also added a section at the top left of the blog for each day's events, and the homework due.

We are slowly building a wiki page. Feel free to check out the start of the Laurelville Elementary Language Arts Wiki. Eventually this will include all of the student's writing and reading notes, and many of the handouts. We may also use it to list many of the books that become student favorites.


Anonymous said...

Mr. McGuire Rocks! :)
Thanks for the effort and time you are putting into this site. The changes are wonderful and very helpful.
Have a great day!
Kristy Smith

Mr. McGuire said...

Thanks for the suggestions. It's funny how I never really thought of one of the best uses (daily activity and HW).