Friday, November 7, 2008

I Miss Are Blonde Times

My daughter, Heather got this message from a friend she hadn't seen in a while. She was glad to hear from her, and is going to make plans to see her soon. Heather, and her friend are both brunettes, but capable of blonde moments.
However, as told by Heather:
I might miss our blonde times, but I sure don't miss are blonde times together.
Now hair color has absolutely no bearing on the ability to write a sensible message, and the girl that wrote this is not a blonde, but she sure made her point. Hopefully they can get together soon and there fun times will continue! :)


Destiny S. said...

lol, I think that is so funny because Mrs.Bolby says that me and Emma are blonds. Sometimes i ask why because we are really good at a lot of things in math and out of nowhere she says " you guys are blonds I tell you"!I think that is funny how you brought that up and it only happened a couple days ago maybe sooner.She says it a lot.:)

Seth Roberts said...

Sometimes I have blonde moment too and everyone has a blonde moment once and a while. Lets face it it`s a fact of life and we can only hope we have fewer blonde moments than more.

Jessika w. said...

I have had some blonde moments in almost every class and sometimes Mrs.bowlby will call our whole class blondes and right after she called us a blonde she had a blonde moment. She can not call us blonde she is more of a blonde than us!

Brianna h. said...

Don't make fun of us blondes.