Monday, November 17, 2008

A Pain in the Lower, Lower, Back

Bree comes in class every day with a big smile. And at least 3 or 4 times a day, she has something smart to say. Then she just grins. It's almost like the other teachers hired her just to come in and aggravate me.
I would like to yell at her, but she always does her work, and does her best. She walks in the door with a great attitude and never complains. She is a star! But, I think her goal for the year is to jab me every day and then laugh about it. And, she is reaching her goal.

When I dish it out, she grins and comes right back. Today, after one of her jabs, I had this conversation with her.
Me: You are a pain.
Bree: Mr. M c G u i r e
Me: You are a pain in the lower back.
Bree: Mr. M c G u i r e
Me: You are a pain in the lower, lower, lower, lower back.
Bree: Mr. M c G u i r e, that's the same thing my dad always says.

Kids like this are what make reading workshop so special. You gotta love it.


Anonymous said...

Bree is such a wonderful daughter. But I'm just glad she's picking on you instead of me!

Mr. McGuire said...

hhhhmmmm Me too, I think. :)

Anonymous said...

I hate it when you are reading and someone says Seeettthh and you are reading the best part and someone says Seth Seth Seth. I do not like one bit!

Anonymous said...

Me to I hate it when someone dos that.I agree with Seth.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard that expression. I bet everybody says that in their head.

Bree Corder said...

Mr.McGuire i miss u and all of the other teachers. It was really cool to look at your blog two years later and see this post!

Mr. McGuire said...

What is really cool is to look back, two years later, and remember how many classes you brightened with your great attitude. Thanks!

Bree Corder=) said...

Awwwwww thanks Mr. Mc Guire!=) Oh and it's really awesome to give you a hug when you come to the middle school! Even though you say get off me weirdo=)! Ohhh and i hope that you've had a terriffic year, Rachael and I will be coming to visit you all threw out our school years! If you have any troubles with the kids coming tell them i will come there and tussel with them......hahahaa!

Mr. McGuire said...

It was great to see you. I knew you would be doing great things at the jr. high. AND, look out high school!

Talk to you soon!

Bree! said...

Thanks Mr.McGuire! I am both scared and excited for high school!

But I'll talk to you later dude!

Breecorder said...

Heyyy Mr.G!!!!! i love high school its really fun! Whats really great to is that me and Rachael stayed bestfriends for about four years now! So how are you? How well is everything going? Oh and you need to come visit soon! Haha and when i get my license im gonna come visit you! I miss you, your my favorite language arts teacher ever!!!!!

Sincerely- your favorite student in the whole world!!!!! Bree(: