Friday, November 7, 2008

Read at Home Change

Title ________________________________________
Start Time ___________  Page ________________
End Time ____________  Page ________________

On each day in their assignment book, students will put a label with this on it.  Instead of logging on their reading log, they will be posting it in their assignment book.  
This will eliminate the need to carry and keep track of an extra sheet of paper.  Also, students already have to take their agenda book  home anyway, so they will have it when they need it.  It will also keep an ongoing record of books they read, how long they read, and how many pages they read.  Students will be keeping an on-line comprehensive reading log on their book journal page.
The requirements are still the same:
A = 180 + Minutes
B = 120 - 179 Minutes
C = 60 - 119 Minutes
F = 0 - 59 Minutes

Students must read at least 4 times/week for 15 minutes each day.

For more information see the Read at Home homework post.


Jessika W. said...

I love the new reading logs because you can not lose it. It is also great that it is a sticker and not a piece of paper just stapled in there it could rip out of the agenda book. I think that the new reading logs are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Mr.McGuire, i love the idea you made how did u found this great idea for us your the best teacher i ever had so far...

Anonymous said...

Mr.McGuire i can't belive this u brought a brilliant idea for us i am so happy u brought this up.

by. Shelby conners

Mr. McGuire said...

Thank you Shelby.

I hope this helps everybody with organization, and reading each night instead of waiting until Wednesday or Thursday.

karaM said...

I love the new idea for our read at home like because you cant lose it. Its a really good idea you should use it next year too.

Bree said...

This is a really awesome idea. I really enjoy just having to take hom my agenda and writing down everything.Even though we still have to take home our agenda. Also it really helps our parents see how we're improving at school.

Mr. McGuire said...

That makes your parents happy, and me too!