Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome Ball State Students

Welcome to students attending Ball State University in Dr. Ford's class for reading educators. It is gratifying to see that college professors are interested in how blogs are being used in education and providing resources to use to compare with students' ideas on reading workshop.

The assignment:
Your written task is to develop a graphic that identifies: (1) how your reading workshop is like the examples in the web resources, (2) how your reading workshop is different from the examples in the web resources, and (3) some aspects of the reading workshops you examine that you would like to "borrow" to use in your classroom.

I found this an intriguing task. In fact, I even checked out the other blogs listed. It seems like the rest are basically "how to's." Now I am going to have to study them to see what interests me. I do appreciate the fact that a college professor is encouraging realistic research, and asking his students to compare it to what they do in their classes.

Thank you for stopping by The Reading Workshop. I hope you find something useful, or at least interesting during your visit. While you are here, please join us by commenting with your thoughts and opinions.