Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top 10 Overused Awards Assembly Comments

According to Doug Johnson, on the Blue Skunk Blog most of us would prefer shallow wit to deep intelligence in our writers and speakers. Thank goodness. Granted, this is taken from his biases, but I read it on the internet, so I know it is true.
I guess that justifies publishing much of what we read on blogs. Using this line of reasoning, I can write many a post that veers on the edge of smartalecky. I can throw it out there and justify it by saying that I am just trying to share a little humor.
Oh well, here it goes--my top 10 tired and overused comments at an awards assembly.
1. I am so proud . . .
2. She is doing sooooo much better . . .
3. I never get an award.
4. He gets all the awards.
5. This is boring.
7. This is the best class . . .
8. I knew I wouldn't get an award because he doesn't like me.
9. She is a teacher's pet.
10. Keep trying and you will get an award next time (when pigs can fly). Oh sorry, somehow my thoughts snuck in here.
Can guess which are the teachers' comments and which are the students? By the way, have you figured out that we had an awards assembly yesterday?

Congrats to all of the award winners!


Anonymous said...

I like the awards but I do hear people say things like "He or she just doesn't like me." It's dissapointing when you think your going to get an award and you don't but don't take it personal because if you work hard enough you'll get noticed sooner or later just don't give up.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mr. McGuire,

I can sooooo sympathize with you. Our school has decided to recognize our students in a different format this year (translation: no awards ceremony!!!)and I am so glad. We don't even give grades (we are standards based) so why would we give awards???

At least it is over!

The Head Monkey

Anonymous said...

I agree with Seth. Every time I am at the awards assembly I always hear people saying " I knew she/he would get a award." "what else is new she/he always gets a award and we never do." Every time I hear this I think " you could also get a award if you try". I mean anybody can get a award if they set their minds to it. I t might be hard for some. But the awards go to people who had worked had for the 9 weeks, show improvement and show respect to the teathers and kids. Last but not least is to get good grades.

Mr. McGuire said...

Seth and Desire'

You two nailed it. Anyone can get an award. The question is, who will work hard enough to get one the next time?