Monday, March 1, 2010

Student Blog Project Rubric

The students in Reading Workshop just completed an interdisciplinary project for social studies and language arts.  They had to research and write a blog post about an ancient Egyptian or Mesopotamian leader. 

We discussed grading and this is the rubric students created.

A  Follows guidelines
    Interesting/draws in the reader
    Writing has a sense of style
    Provides background information that is on topic and correct
    Provides several supporting details
    Correct PUGS (Punctuation, Usage, Grammar, and Spelling)
    Cites sources and does not plagiarize

B  Follows guidelines
    Provides background information that is on topic and correct
    Provides several supporting details
    Correct PUGS (Punctuation, Usage, Grammar, and Spelling)
    Cites sources and does not plagiarize

C  Follows guidelines
    Provides a few pieces of background information that are on topic & correct
    Few supporting details
    Two - Four mistakes with PUGS (Punctuation, Usage, Grammar, and Spelling)
    Cite sources and does not plagiarize

D  Does not follow guidelines
    Provide little background information that is on topic and correct
    Few supporting details
    Errors with PUGS (Punctuation, Usage, Grammar, and Spelling)
    Does not Cite all sources

F  Plagiarizes
    Little sign of effort
    Not posting on blog

These are the project guidelines:

1. Introduction explaining project
Help the readers understand what the post is about/the focus

2. Identify person and civilization (river)
Give background information about civilization
(Several important facts that explain the civilization)

3. Explain the impact on development of civilization
Include details supporting what you see as the impact
(Should have 2 – 3 details that explain what the impact was and how it effected civilization)


Joanna J. said...

I guess that this social studies/ Language arts project was okay. The only part that i thought was hard was trying to find the impact that Hammurabi made. Other than that it was okay. I would like to do something like this again but on a different subject.. like maybe science..

Codyk said...

I think this post on your blogs was a great idea. I hope we could do it again sometime. I didn't like how I could not find some stuff about Menes. I think was a good idea of combining social studies and language arts together.

Karly said...

What I thought of the
social studies/ Language arts project is that I think we should do this more often it was very fun to work on a project it makes me think of doing this next year in 7th grade with reports and all the stuff we do in the 7th grade so yes we should do this again.

I thought that It would help us for next year getting ready and prepared to write our own report with no help and to help us become independent and know how it feels to be independent.

That is what I think of our social studies/Language Arts project.

Andrew S said...

I think that the Social Studies/Language Arts project was hard because you always would find the same information over and over again. What made it even more hard was getting in a group to discuss the person you are doing and not have the same person as your group does. But one thing I think is that we should these projects more often.

Nathan said...

If it was me I would do it a lot more than once I would do it at least 3-4 times. As you can tell I really like doing that post. It might be the funnest post all year. I did a post on Menes but we had a chose of six different people. It was a Social Studies/Language Arts post. I hope that we do more in the future. I think that when I say that that I speak for everyone in the sixth grade.

Kate said...

I think that it is easy to understand the rubric. So it was easy to see what I needed in my post. I like how he put it and just stated what we needed.

What helped me grade my post is I used a star, a check mark, and a minus sign. The star meant that I had it, the check meant that I kind of had it, and minus meant that I didn't have it at all. I had all stars on the B, but I had all stars except two checks on the A. I decided that kind of having it was better than not having it at all.

I liked doing this assignment because it combined two of my favorite subjects. I want to do another one of these because it was fun to write a post about someone I've learned about in another class.

I liked doing this rather than having it as homework or you only have class to finish it. I think it made a difference in mine because I know that if I would have only had a class time to do it I wouldn't have as much information in it.

Hannah Hop said...

I thought that the rubric was easy to read,understand,and follow! The post was easy and I really enjoyed it and I hope we can do another one.The only problem that I had is that I had everything on B and everything but one on A so I really wasn't sure if I had an A or B!

I think this assignment taught us that it is wrong to plagiarize and that one class can tie-into another class.

The guidelines were easy-to-follow.They also made it easy to know what you are going to be graded on.

It was cool that you gave us a couple days to work on it and research it at our own time instead of assigning it in one day or for homework, and it was neat that Mrs. Griffey let us choose which leader we wanted to write on!

Justin G. said...

I think that this project was something to keep us on track or see what we learned an dhow well we learned a certain part. I don't think I did as good as I could of but I hope I at least get a B. This was a fun project but a hard one at the same time. I think it was good since we did both Social Studies and Language arts at the same time. The rubric was easy to following but I think some people would of got a better grade if they had the rubric in front of them the whole time or at least got to look at it on the last day to try to fix it up and it would of helped me a lot. It was fun and I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Garrett said...

The post was a little hard at times and a little easy at times to. At first the information was easy to get then it got harder and harder to get the information. But at the end I got the in information. The post was all fun but at some times it was not. I think I got a B on the post but not an A.

Branden M said...

What I thought about our blog post is it was interesting. What I liked about it is we could use a lot of the information we learned from social studies and put it in our post. What I didn't like about the post is it was hard to find some good information on the person we were doing. I hope we can do something like it again.

Kelsey said...

This post is about what I thought about a assignment we did from Social Studies/ Blog project.

I think that this assignment was like really cool but then again difficult. It was hard to find more information.

I think we should do something like this again in different subjects too.

Noah said...

I thought the post was a little hard. The reason I say this is because I could not find what I wanted all of the time.Another reason why it was so hard is because I was not here for two days when every body else was here.

The post was also easy because I had all the information right in front of me.

Kaylee M. said...

I think the Social Studies/
Language Arts project was easy and hard kinda like in the middle. It was easy because I already knew some of the stuff. It was hard because I had trouble finding what I needed.

Brandon C. said...

I think that the assignment was a fair project. It was fun and helped us learn with google. It was fun because we got to search around on websites to find information. It helped us learn by helping us use google to search the web just in case of future purposes.

I think that it was kind of hard. The reason it was hard is because if you didn't type the right words in, you didn't get what you wanted. Even if you had the right words in, you still had to find the right wording. So in my opinion It was fun and we should do it again.

Kennedy said...

I think that this S.S Project was really fun. We really never get to do reports like this. The report was really easy to write and to do. I think that we should do more of these reports more often. It also helps us get to know about the person or what ever we are doing a lot better. I found all of my facts really easy. I think that I got a good grade on my report.

alden said...

I think this project was kind of cool, because we all learned something that we did not know about one of those six people. Another reason this was a cool project is that we got to do a big post on our blogs and and that we did it all on computers.

Bethany K. said...

I think the S.S project was really fun and I think it was a great idea to do this project. I think that most of us enjoyed it to. We also got to look up more interesting things about the person we were writing about and we got to learn a lot more about them. On my report I do not know if I did a good job or not, but I hope I did because it was really fun and I enjoyed it.

JimmyC. said...

The task that our teachers gave us was really hard but when we did it all the time I thought"this is easy" after a while it started to get easier.I think that we should of got a longer time to do the project.I think that the rubric was a very good idea because if you don't have a visual contact with something to see what you think your grade is.It only took me two days to do my task and finish everything.

Cierra D said...

I think that the assignment was very fun but a little hard at the same time. I think that it was fun because we were able to Google and look things up in our text books and use whatever resources that we needed (except for a time machine) to help us with our post. It was also fun because we were learning to classes at the same time. For example we were writing and using our pugs and we were becoming familiar with the Egyptians Pharaohs and Mesopotamia's kings. I also think that it was hard because While looking up Menes I could not find anything that he accomplished other than unifying Upper and Lower Egypt. So that made my info search a little hard. I think that we should do it again and maybe with other subjects.

Jacob A said...

I think that the SS/Language Arts project was interesting. I also think that it was hard. I think this because it was kind of hard to find a lot of information on Menes. I think that it helped a lot since we got to use google to help us find information. I also think that it was cool that we got to do a post about social studies on our blog. If we could do it over I would because I was not happy with my post I think that there are some things that I could have made better.

Nash C. said...

I think this project was easy. I think this because we already knew some of the basic information so all we had to do was find more information on the Internet and put it in our own words. I guess the project could have been easy or hard depending on who you wrote about I think this because some of the people hardly had any information even on the Internet and other people almost had a biography just in the text book.

Terry W said...

I thought the social studies project is fun because you get to learn a lot about the guy you are doing in the project and you get to get good grades in school.

The other thing about the project is that you get to put as a post and then other people can see.But when you go to do the project it gets hard a little but it is fun.

The best part is when we get to puta pic be side it to.

Jacob P. said...

Being truthful I didn't really like doing the post or who I picked out, because the fact there wasn't a lot of background information on him. I think I would have had a better chance with someone else. If I had a chance to do it over again, I would do it because I was not happy with my post at all. It was more challenging than other posts we've done, because our people were from another time period.

joey said...

This was a really fun project it was fun and cool. It was hard but easy at the same time.It was easy because 3/4 of the stuff I already knew. But it was hard because the 1/4 of the stuff I didn't know took like 20 minutes to find.

Hannah Hart. said...

I thought that this project was a great project to help us become better writers and to also help us to become better researchers.I really think that we should definitely do something like this again!

What I really liked about the project, is all of the interesting facts that I found out while working on it. When putting it all together and reading others I thought of all the stuff that we learned while working.

Katie H said...

I think the post was fun but, I had trouble finding the information I needed to write the post on.

Some of the information I found was new and I think our Social Studies teacher might not even know about it.

It was really a benefit to me because were in Language Arts and getting to practice PUGS and I found out mew information about the pharaoh I was working on.

Kasi R. said...

What I thought about the assignment was that it lets you learn about the pharaoh but is really fun at the same time.

I liked it because while you were writing about the pharaoh you had to think about spelling and punctuation at the same time. When you just do social studies you do not have to worry about all that stuff so it makes it kind of cool.

In my opinion I think we should do this again sometime. It was worth points in two different classes so just doing one report you could get two grades.