Monday, January 25, 2010

Dreams for Your Future

This school year is half over/still half to go.  As the new semester begins, take a minute to think about your goals.  This poem, Mother to Son, by Langston Hughes describes facing the challenges to a greater life. 

Well, son, I'll tell you:
Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
It's had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor --
But all the time
I'se been a-climbin' on,
And reachin' landin's,
And turnin' corners,
And sometimes goin' in the dark
Where there ain't been no light.
So boy, don't you turn back.
Don't you set down on the steps
'Cause you finds it's kinder hard.
Don't you fall now --
For I'se still goin', honey,
I'se still climbin',
And life for me ain't been no crystal stair.

What hopes and dreams does your family have for you? What challenges are ahead of you (stairs to climb)?  What do your parents want to see you accomplish?  How do they picture a better life for you?  Do they see your life ahead half full or half empty?  What successes do they hope for in your future?

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Branden M's Mom said...

Branden's family hopes for him to go to college and be successful in life. We want him to be happy. Life is very challenging. College will be a big challenge. I want to see him accomplish everything that he hopes for. We see his life ahead as half full. I want him to be great at football and everything that he does.

Kaylee M./mom said...

I want her to graduate high school and go to collage. Fulfill her dreams. Like being an artist.

Brandon C.'s dad. said...

I have a lot of goals for my child Brandon C., such as going to college and getting a good education. He does good in school and is going toward a good scholarship. I hope he makes it to a good collage.

I want him to find a good paying job, so he can support his future family. I hope he works hard at what he does. Whatever he chooses to do, I will support him all the way through it.

Jim and Vickie campbell said...

Our hopes and dreams for our son Jimmy would be to stay focused on his studies and to learn as much as he can. The challenges ahead of him in these days are plenty with everyone losing their jobs. We would like to see Jimmy make something out of his life. We see his life as half full at this point with still having half of his education to do. The first success we hope to see is his graduation from high school.

Hannah and Susie Hopkins said...

The hopes and dream that my parents have for me is that I have a happy marriage, a carrer that makes me happy, and a life that I deserve.The challanges that are ahead of me are the challenge of being a mom because the world can be cruel to children and the balancing of being a wife,a mom, and having a career all at once.
My parents want to see me acomplish high school, collage,a job, being a wife, and being a mother. My parents want to see me accomplish getting the education and carrer I need to have a good life. My mom says that the picture she has that would be a better life for me is if I was not the middle child because both my brother and my sister argue with me.My mom says that she pictures a glass half full because I am halfway there. They want to have the sucess of knowing that I,by myself, can do anything I want, but I have to work for it.

Lisa E. said...

I have many hopes and dreams for Bethanie's future with no doubt that she will succeed in many. College is something that I would like for her to accomplish. Her goals for "when she grows up" changes often but I know she will find a path that will make her happy. Along the way I hope she always remembers to help someone when she can, live life to it's fullest and to put her trust in family and god. I hope that she never gives up her guitar and singing. She has a gift that sometimes she's afraid to use. I'm waiting for the day when her doubts and fears are gone, so everyone else can hear what I'm so proud of.

Rylee C/Mom and Dad said...

The hopes and dreams that my family have for me is that they want me to have success and happines in everything that I try. The challenges that are ahead of me are the ones in the future. The ones that will make me successful, but to do that would be the challenging part. My parents want me to accomplish my education, my dreams and being a hard worker. They do not picture a better life for me because they think that the life I have now is fine. My parents say they see my life ahead half full because there is always room for more. The successes they hope for me in the future is that they want me to be responsible by paying my bills and a lot more stuff like that and success in my Christian walk.

AndrewS and Mom said...

The things my parents want me to be successful in as I grow up is to go to college. The other thing they want me to be successful in is to get a job that is high paying so I can help pay for family members.This is what I think my parents want me to be successful in life.

As every parent, grandparent, or other family member I want my children to be sucessful in everything. Being sucessful to me means that you work and try and do your best in everything. Sometimes you don't like what you are doing but that doesnt mean that you shouldn't do your very best. Doing your best isn't being perfect. Doing your best simply means you have given your all and your very best effort. Aslong as you do these things I feel you have been successful.

Hannah C/ Mom and Dad said...

Mom and Dad say:
The biggest hope we have for Hannah is that she leads a long and healthy life. We also hope that she becomes a confident and independent young lady who stays focused on her goals. Some of our goals for Hannah is that she continues to do well in her studies-in junior high, high school and in college. We hope that she continues to make good choices and always looks for ways to help others. We hope that she chooses a career path that will bring her not only financial security but happiness and personal satisfaction.

Hannah says:
I believe I am doing a good job of following the goals and hopes my parents have for me. But, if I am not, I will take advice from my parents to do all that I can to accomplish these goals.

MicahL22 said...

The hopes and dreams that we have for Micah are that he would always look at life as half full..blessed by God, positive about all that happens and trusting that good will come of every situation! He has an amazing heart that is kind and loves readily all those he meets. Our hopes and dreams are that he lives his life putting God first in everything, that he works hard and does his best and realizes that he has great purpose in life that only he can fulfill. Our goals for him would be that he works hard in school,at home and athletics and hopefully chooses to go to college, and finds a career/occupation that is a challenge that he will love. We pray that he realizes that every step/choice in life's journey is important and will make him the man that he will become someday.

MicahL22 said...

The hopes and dreams that we have for Micah are that he would always look at life as half full..blessed by God, positive about all that happens and trusting that good will come of every situation! He has an amazing heart that is kind and loves readily all those he meets. Our hopes and dreams are that he lives his life putting God first in everything, that he works hard and does his best and realizes that he has great purpose in life that only he can fulfill. Our goals for him would be that he works hard in school,at home and athletics and hopefully chooses to go to college, and finds a career/occupation that is a challenge that he will love. We pray that he realizes that every step/choice in life's journey is important and will make him the man that he will become someday.

Karly and Tammy Hart said...

The hopes and dreams I have for Karly are that she does the best that she can in all she does and know matter what to be an honest person like she was taught to be. I look at her life as being half full and I hope all her dreams our fullfilled as she becomes the young lady she is meant to be and to always put God first in every step she takes in life . I wish Karly the best and I'm proud to have her as a daughter.

Kasi R. Mom said...

Kasi's family wishes that she has a happy future that includes college, a great job, a beautiful home and family. We know that getting there will take lots of hard work and we have all the faith in the world that she will do her very best in everything she does, no matter how hard the challenge is she will always keep going knowing that her family is behind her and that God will always lead her in the right direction.

Garrett R /Dad said...

Our hopes and dreams for garrett would be for him to complete a college education and use that education to not only better himself but all who surround him,and to treat all as equals no matter gender,race or greed. We hope for a long fruitfull life for our son,one that is not easy but labored,one that he can look back on and say yes i did it my way with little or no regrets,one that he as well as we are proud of. That is the hope that we have for our son

Destiny P's Mom/Dad said...

Our hopes for Dstiny's future is for her to continue her education, go to college, and fullfill her dreams of being a veternarian. Life is hard enough as it is not to get your education and pursue what you really want out of life, what makes you happy, not to try is a terrible waste of a great mind that our God has given to each of us. We hope Destiny stays strong in her faith, and reaches for her goals, no matter how far away and impossible they may seem.

Mom and Dad said...

MaKaylas family hopes that she can learn to face every situation that she is dealt in life.I want her to be whatever she wants, first thing I would love for her to do is to take more time for her studies, and to graduate from high school.
MaKayla has been through alot of death in her 12 years of life and I hope she has learned to cherish every minute you have with her family. I look at her life half full with alot more she will need to make her life full.

I want her to know that she has to work for everything in life, because nothing is handed to you for free. Makayla never settle for less, because you can be the best at anything you do . Just remember that your family loves you and will always be there for you.

Cody K Dad said...

Cody's family hopes for a happy, healthy, and successful life for him. We would like to see him get a good education by graduating high school and even going off to college. We feel that Cody's glass is only half full because he has many options he could choose in his future, and will support him in what ever he chooses, but we dream of him going to college and get a degree in whatever he decides to be.

darren said...

Our hopes and dreams for Darren is to be happy in everything that he does in life and just takes it one day at a time. His future holds a lot of good thing and i hope that he decides to go to college and get a good scholarship and become something big.

Erin Crosby said...

For Nash, we hope that he dreams big. We know that Nash can do & be anything that he wishes in this life and with his imagination, his possibilities are endless. Nash always said he wanted to be a zookeeper when he was little - everyone would say to him "so you wanna be Jack Hanna?" and he would reply with "no, I wanna be Nash Crosby". Whether Nash decides to be a zookeeper, an author, an engineer or a musician, I know that he will strive to be the best at it and with that he will have all the success in the world.

Jacob P's Mom said...

Jacob's dad & I look at his life as half full and here is why. We hope that one day he will have a job he enjoys. So he can provide for his wife & children. We also wish that he lives close to us. As parents we realize that we can only help shape Jacob as he grows into a kind & happy man. Because his happiness & hard work is what will bring him success. We tell him all the time to not to give up when life gets you down. This happens to everyone. He also knows that his expectations & opinions are important. It's our job to listen. So, that we can try to continue to open doors for him to better himself. Like keeping him involved in activities. Such as band, 4-H, and baseball. So that when he graduates from Logan Elm a scholarship for college may follow. I know he will stay focused & be excited about a future of his choosing.

Rachel L. said...

I want Ian to accomplish happiness and to eventually gave family and to be healthy. I think the glass is half full because there is more things in life to come.

Shawn W. said...

I would like my son to at least graduate high school and it will be his decision to go to college.

I think that I should grow up and be happy and do what I want to do.

Tyler B/ his mom said...

His family hopes he becomes very succesful in life. Life is hard, well really its what you make it. I want to see him graduate,and go to college. So hopefully thats what he will accomplish. Tyler is a great kid,and I see a lot of success in the future for him but that will be up to him.

Lisa Deluse said...

After reading the poem, one can conclude that life's journey will not always be an easy one. Events will happen,some of them will make you happy and some will not. That's life. You will be called upon to make different choices every day. It may be something small; like what to wear, or something big; like standing up for what you believe in. We could tell you that good choices can make life easier in the long run, but let's face it, we are all human, and some choices we make may not be the right ones. What is important is that we learn from our choices. Learn what works for us as individuals. As parents, we would love to shield you from any future "hurts", but we can't! These things help mold you as a person and hopefully will make you stronger. The thing to remember is you will experience a lot of different types of things and emotions over these next years. Please don't sweat the small stuff. Maybe you won't make a team that you try out for, a girlfriend breaks up with you, a friend disappoints you, or a class is too difficult -- this is not the end of the world; just a small fraction of your life. You will get past them. Eric, you are a great kid with a wonderful heart. We see your compassion for others as one of your greatest assets. Follow your instincts. We see your life as half full right now because you have accomplished so much in your young life and have so much more to do and offer. We love the way you go into a situation with a positive and usually joyful attitude. Realize that things happen for a reason and move on. We hope you work hard and continue to strive for a work ethic you can be proud of. Right now your job is to do well in school, next will be college. Education and faith are your stepping stones to a happy and successful future. We wish for you a career that brings you personal and financial fulfillment. Nobody has said that life would be easy and sacrifices will have to be made. Just keep in mind that you need to stay focused. We want you to be able to look back and be proud of the choices you have made. You know, we have all looked forward to our teen years and to having a good time. That is all well and good, you deserve to have a good time. Just make sure that what you choose to do reflects back to you in a good way. A good reputation is something that you earn and that people remember.
We would love to see Eric do some traveling before settling down and starting a family. It would be great for you to see more of the world and the people in it. Above all, we wish for you to have a happy and healthy life. We hope that our strong family ties help give you the confidence to be true to yourself and to grow into a strong and caring man.

Davidm22 said...

My family hopes I will become a lawyer.
My parents want me to become the best I can and have a stable career.
They see my life as half full.
They would like me to improve on my reading skills.

Cody L's Mom said...

Cody L's Mom says
I would like to see Cody go to college. To be what he would to be, I would like to see he have good life. I hope he is succeful in life. I would like to see him rich and sucessful in what ever he will do in life.

Josh J./Mom said...

I hope that Josh will grow up to be a strong and independent man.I hope that he will find what he wants in life and that he is good at it.I want Josh to acomplish high school and collage.I picture his life ahead to be halffull because he has lots of potential and is a smart young man.I want him to be successful in finding what he wants in life and be successful at it and to live a good life.

Tyler S. and his mom said...

The hopes and dreams my family have are to grow up strong and healthy, and to be wise and rich.

The chalenges that are ahead of me (Tyler) is to have a good education and to go to colledge.

My parents want to see me acomplish my dream to become a song writer.

They picture a better life for me with no worries and no problems.

They picture my life as half full so I can keep going up from there.

They want me to be succesful in life by writing songs.

Justin and his mom said...

The hopes and dreams my mom has for me is to be religous and to have great problem solving skills.

The of the challenges that are ahead of me are completing a higher education.

My parents see me acomplish:
1.Being succesfull in life
2.Having self-dicipline

They picture a better life for me with happiness and having a great family and education

They see my life half full so I can hve a happier life.

They hope I'm succesfull in collage.

Noah's mom said...

My biggest hope for Noah today is for him to realize his potential. I want to see him graduate from high school and move onto college; setting high, yet realistic goals for himself. He holds himself back from things out of fear sometimes and I would like to see him overcome that. I want him to realize that even though life is difficult, we are never given more than we can handle, and the lessons that are learned from those difficult times are vital to our growth as a human beings. I want him to always find the positive in any situation and to take great pride in helping others, because it is in those times when I have helped others that I have found my greatest satisfaction. I want him to never sell himself short, because no matter what, he can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. I have and will always see Noah's life ahead as half full because he has so much potential and he continues to grow into a stronger, more independent person every day. He has the world at his finger tips and I pray that he will feel happy and fulfilled in whatever road he takes in his life. His dad and I are proud of him and will support him in whatever he chooses.

Hadley and Mom said...

Hadley says~ I believe that I am blessed to have such a family that supports me every step of the way and then some. I believe dreams of mine and my family's are going to college with a full scholarship. I would also like to have a good paying job that I want and like to support my family. I would like to accomplish college and come out with all A's. I know I will live and learn and love, all with support of my loved ones that are the light shining through the thick fog. Seeing my life as half full will help me fufill my hopes and dreams.

Mom says~More than anything, my dream for Hadley is contentment. I wish for her to find satisfaction and peace through-out her life. Of course, I want her to get a good education (full scholarship would be ideal!!). I know she will face many challenges, as we all do. I hope she will face them with confidence and grace, trusting she will come to through to the other side with wisdom. I hope she finds a mate who loves her brain and soul. I hope she enjoys her children as much as I enjoy her. I hope her work is fulfilling, whatever her work may be, with the understanding what she does will not define who she is. I wish for her to be joyful in times of sorrow, peaceful in times of trouble, and trustful in times of fear.

Bethany K's mom and dad said... said...

Our hopes and dreams for Bethany is for her to be happy and to be able to make a living doing what she wants to do.The challenges ahead of Bethany is having enough money to do the things she wants to do (college, living on her own, having a family). We picture Bethany's life ahead definitely half full, and to have a better life working for herself and not someone else (in less she want to). The sucess we wish for her is good health and happiness.

Eric D. said...

I believe that I will accomplish what I'm working for and get a good education and a good job.
I would like to continue my journey in football and wrestling. I would most likely want to be a world Olympic wrestler.

jake's mom said...

After reading this poem with Jake, I believe that the life ahead of him is half full, because he has so many things ahead that he will be able to accomplish and experience in his future. My hopes for him is to be successful in all that he does and always follow his dreams, no matter how difficult things may get during the journey. His father and I let him know that we are proud of his successes and will always support him in his future endeavors. We would like to see him become a man of honor and always follow his heart and stand up for what he believes in. We have taught him to be an honest and giving individual. We would also want him to have a successful career and to have a family of his own one day to share his life and dreams with.

Destiny c.'s mom said...

As Destiny C.'s mother I just want her to be happy. Follow her dreams, where ever they may take her. To realize life isn't always as easy as it seems. There will be hard times, tough times, happy and sad times. As long as she believes in herself as much as her family does she can do anything. I would like to see her go to college, to do something where she can help others. She is great with small childern I would like to see her follow that through. I want her to set high standers for herself. Don't ever just settle for whats given to you, or that will do. Push yourself harder, you always deserve the best. I see her glass as half full because she doesn't yet see herself for what she is or what she could be. All the great things about herself I can see developing, she hasn't yet seen or noticed. When she finds herself and I know she will, her glass will run over with all her potential and greatness.

Kelsey said...

My grandma and I sat down and talk about the goals she had set for me in the future. So she says that she would like me to finish school and get a job and then do whatever makes me happy. She also said if I'm happy then she's happy. Thanks grandma!!!

Justin G's Grandma said...

My hopes for Justin are that he continues to do well in school and able to do whatever he wants after-wards,whether its finding a job, doing sports or the military. There are many challenges ahead, but most of all take time for yourself, be happy and grow into the adult that grandma and grandpa are proud of. I want Justin to be able to have a good job and financial security, before starting a family and along the way there will be many ups and downs but he can overcome those and be the better person because of them. I think of Justin's life as half full because he still has many adventures to come and achive. Justin has already grown and matured beyond his years just for the simple fact of being raised by us, his grandparents he has had to do things most kids his age haven't had to experience.

Racheal Diles said...

Our hopes and dreams for Zach is that he finishes school, goes to callege to become a pediatric EMT surgeon. I think his challenges will be to keep his grades up so he can get grants for college. We would like him to accompleish his goals so he has a good future. They picture me to learn from my mistakes and not to repeat them. I picture Zach's life to be half full because he is strong willed. We think that he will be succecesful and have a good job and a good family.

Hannah Hart.'s Mom and Dad said...

Our hopes for Hannah include great happiness, a rewarding career and a loving family. She has many talents and we hope that she explores all of them. We also hope that when she stumbles on any of the stairs she climbs, that she knows we are here to support her. We think that Hannah's glass is half full and through her junior high, high school, college and life experiences that she will continue to make good decisions.

Kennedy F. and Parents said...

Kennedy has been exposed to much in her short life and she has seen that life is not always easy. Yet she also knows that if you are surrounded by the ones you love and you have faith in yourself, it can be hard and great at the same time. She has had many experiences where she has had to choose if she would approach a situation as half full or half empty, and she has chosen well.

Children live by example. As a parent, that has been my most important lesson learned. We want Kennedy to know that just because your life may get harder does not mean life gets worse. Most great things accomplished are hard. We hope as her parents that because we allow her to make age appropriate decisions on her own that she will be better prepared for life when she is out there living it with out us right by her side. To know it is O.K. to make mistakes. To know that she is loved unconditionally. To know that we will always be there to help her up if she falls (and that part of life is falling). To know we will celebrate with her. To know we, her family, will always be there for support.
Our greatest wish for her is to be happy, healthy and loved. Everything else we know she will accomplish as a strong, independent, loving person.

I Kennedy think that my mom is right. That I will do things and I will have to make my own choices. I think that I will get good grades all through my school years and that I will go to college to be a successful person in my life.

Katie H. mom said...

God has truely blessed us with Katie. Keep things simple and true to yourself. I hope and dream that you will find that spot where you explode with talent, and you character blossoms, and the gift you have to offer the world is found. There will be challenges in your future where you are not always happy and content. It will feel like work, it's hard, but remember to live strong. Keep God, family, and friends near to your heart, they will help you along the way.

R.j B. said...

My mom said that the glass should be 1/4 filled because I have my whole life ahead of me.Also that she wants me to be successful.And she wants me to go to collage and get a good paying job.She wants me to do better than she did.

Kristina L. said...

My hope for Cierra is that she reaches for the best that life has to offer her. That no challenge is too big and ordinary is no option. If she decide that she definitely wants to be a chef then I hope she does not only become a chef but a chef at her own restaurant. These are my hopes and dreams for Cierra.

Cassie said...

Their hopes and dreams for me is that I become a RN to where I can do some thing for my life.

The challenges are ahead of me being a better student and paying more attention for my life.

What my grandma wants me to accomplish is for me to get out of school and not get held back.

They picture me in a better life with as a RN because they love me and they want me to be some thing for my live.

They see it all the way because there is no wrong answer for a half way and half empty.

The success for me is that I become something for my life without people saying your kid is bad and did not even go to college and I am going to college for my life.

Clinta22 said...

Clint A. says
My family hopes that I get a job. My challenge is to graduate from high school. Mrs. Bower wants me to graduate and Mrs. Walters wants me to read better so I will have a better life. My teachers see my life as half full. They think I can become a house builder because that is what I want to do.

Kate R.'s Mom says said...

My hopes and dreams is for Kate to use her potential to the fullest, to continue on after high school into college making sound choices that will lead her competently and graciously into adult life.
Kates challenges are going to be staying focused and the willingness or determination needed to achieve her dreams.
I would like to see Kate have a more personal relationship with God, to learn to trust, believe, and rely on Him.
I hope that Kate's success is measured by the works she does, the footprints she leaves behind, and the inspiration that she instills in others.

Madison and Mom said...

I hope for Madison to go to college, good career, happily married, nice home,makes the right choices, lots of fun. If Madison doesn't do anything and choses a more simple life and is still happy with where she ends up. That to would be fine with me Success is in the eye of the beholder!

Kendra and Kaitlyn C. said...

The hopes and dreams that my mom has for me are to get good grades,go to college,get a good job. Good health and happiness.
The challenges my mom has for me are bring up grades and apply to good colleges.
What my mom wants to see me accomplish is success.
How my mom pictures a better life for me is my mom get a job and get our own place so I can be happier.
My mom said that she sees my life half full in the future. But I see my life in the future half empty.
What my mom hopes I succeed in the future is go to a good college, become a mom, and get a high paying job.

Cody E's Mom said...

I hope for Cody to go to college and get a degree in something he likes. And get a nice job because the economy is changing every day and that's not a good thing. To get through high school and college and take it day to day.
To see Cody grow up to be a fine man and not get in into trouble like being in Prison. Maybe when he finishes his dreams, start a family and take care of them and furnish everything they will need.

Nathan .N. said...

I had to answer some questions for my son.

1)What hopes and dreams does your family have for you? We hope that my son has a good and long life, healthy.

2)What challenges are ahead of you (stairs to climb)?Challenges that he should go through is to keep up his good grades.

3)What do your parents want to see you accomplish? We want to see him graduate school and get a good job.

4)How do they picture a better life for you? To have better things and to not go to jail.

5)Do they see your life ahead half full or half empty? I see life as half full.

6)What successes do they hope for in your future? I hope to see my son have very good grades, to be healthy, and to get a good career.

Shaylee and Dad said...

My dad said he wanted me finish school and have a great job. My dad sees my life as half full